Nirvana – Patinated Steel Vase

by Studio Mau Mau Switzerland

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The Nirvana Vase is a testament to the artistry of metalwork, where two steel pieces are meticulously shaped through repetitive hammering and adorned with a unique patina treatment. This creation pushes the boundaries of traditional geometric forms, as it is forged using industrial machinery, challenging the preconceived notions of what can be achieved with such heavy equipment.

In its form and finish, the Nirvana Vase pays homage to the elegance of Chinese ink painting. The deliberate interplay between light and dark evokes the fluidity and depth found in these traditional art forms. This decorative metal vase is a symphony of textures, akin to the ever-changing brush strokes of a masterful painting.

What sets the Nirvana Vase apart is its ability to captivate from every angle. It presents a harmonious tension between smoothness and ruggedness, intensity and serenity. Each viewing angle offers a new surprise, making it an intriguing and dynamic addition to any space. This unique piece transcends the confines of conventional design, inviting you to explore its multifaceted beauty and find your own sense of nirvana within its form.

The Nirvana Vase has incredible textures created with both patina and natural oxidization. It is made out of steel and has protective finish. It can be cleaned with simple dusting and moist clothes.

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Studio Mau Mau is dedicated to exploring the entanglement between human emotions and design constructs, using the medium of functional objects that are rich with cultural references. Studio Mau Mau relies on a research-driven process, which focuses on cultural contexts, material explorations and aesthetic research. The studio mainly works with wood, metal, textiles, as well as other materials of specific cultural significance, which are integral to the studio’s continuous research. Studio Mau Mau is the brainchild of Dongzhu Li, who’s been dedicating her practice to the field of furniture/object design. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Furniture Design from Rhode Island School of Design (USA) and a master’s degree in Experimental Design. Her works are rooted in her observations and lived experience of traversing through cultures and ideologies. She believes that objects that we surround ourselves with can carry profound emotional, cultural, and social values—besides their aesthetic and practical appeals.
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