Nous Stone Vases

by Huillet Lucas France

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Introducing a vase that is not just a vessel but a narrative—inspired by the traditional molds used in slip-casting. Lucas Huillet, an artisan designer who effortlessly bridges the gap between disciplines, has once again played with references to conceive an object that narrates a story. This piece, created with meticulous precision, features two identical stoneware forms connected by a delicate line of polypropylene thread, suggesting unity, contrast, and the delicate balance of nature and craftsmanship.

“This object is the symbol of our union.
I open up to you and you open up to me.
Through this gift, a common emerged.
A common which is not a fusion but each other part we are sharing.
A «we» which unites both of us and which I can count on.”

Lucas’ dedication to storytelling through design is evident in this creation. As with all his pieces, the vase reflects a dance between design sketches and the tangible material, a testament to his iterative creative process. Since 2019, his studio has been at the forefront of crafting ceramic objects that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable. The materials, chosen for both their visual allure and technical attributes, are conscientiously sourced based on geography, reinforcing his commitment to the world we inhabit.

This vase, like many of Lucas’ works, invites introspection. It is reminiscent of his unique exploration during his diploma phase, where he delved deep into his practice, resulting in a project that juxtaposed BDSM practices with artisanally crafted design objects. With every glance at this vase, one is reminded of Lucas Huillet’s journey—a confluence of artistry, sustainability, and a touch of avant-garde.

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Lucas Huillet describes himself as an artisan designer. Transdisciplinarity is at the heart of his practice. He plays with references and inspirations to design objects or spaces that can be told and read like narratives. From conception to completion, his creative process is a game of back and forth between drawing and material. Since 2019, in parallel to his studies, he designs and makes a series of ceramic objects in my studio. Aware of the issues of the current world, his productions are developed with particular attention to their sustainability. The materials are sourced geographically and are chosen for their aesthetic and technical properties. For his diploma, he did a theoretical introspection of his practice and then applied it in his free project which will lead him to trans- pose BDSM practices in a series of handmade design objects. His work was exhibited at Paris Design Week in 2021 as well as at MAD (Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris) and Collectible (Brussels) in 2022.
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