Large Hand-blown Fruit Bowl

by Szkło Studio Poland

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The Large Hand-Blown Fruit Bowl is a magnificent piece of spontaneous glass artistry, masterfully created by Aleksandra Zawistowska and her dedicated team of craftsmen. Each bowl is a result of an intricate hand-blown process that emphasizes the unique beauty of artisanal craftsmanship.

This particular creation benefits from a daring and experimental method of design. The distinctive, rough, and organic shapes of the bowl are formed through the use of natural materials like stones and ceramics during the blowing process. This technique allows for the creation of unique textures and forms, making each bowl not just a functional item but a striking work of art.

Under the Szkło brand, this fruit bowl is a testament to Aleksandra’s commitment to deconstructive design principles and individual expression. The process of crafting each piece is as much a performance as it is an act of creation, underscoring the skill and artistic vision of the glassblowers. Embracing the ethos of ‘perfection in imperfection,’ this bowl celebrates the inherent irregularities and unique characteristics that come with handcrafted glass.

More than just a container for fruit, this large bowl is a statement piece that combines functionality with artistic elegance, perfect for those who appreciate the unique charm and story behind handmade objects.

Wash by hand. The sculpture may contain remains of sand, stones and wood used to shape the object. Sculpture may contain air bubbles, sharp edges and scorch marks due to its creation process.

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Szkło [Polish: glass, pronounced /shkwo/] are functional glass sculptures and collectible design objects, hand-blown by Aleksandra Zawistowska with a team of craftsmen. Szkło is a celebration of materials and the glassblowing process, with no two pieces alike. Szkło is a combination of an imaginary approach, years of craftsmanship experience and an admiration for the raw material. Szkło stems from challenging the conventional glassblowing process, turning it into a playful experiment instead. As no traditional moulds are used in the process, the sculptures assume coincidental, spontaneous forms, often challenging the notion of beauty. The glassblowing process becomes as important as the final form itself. The mission of Szkło is to push the boundaries of functionality and material characteristics, turning the simple act of eating and drinking into an experience. It celebrates uniqueness and diversity. It is an invitation to limit our possessions and enjoy the quality of individual objects instead. The designs are shaped by materials, such as stacked bricks, and chunks of wood or stones. The remains of these natural materials are often captured between layers of glass and visible in the finished sculptures. Aleksandra Zawistowska is an artist, designer, working in many fields and techniques, founder of Szkło Studio. Her practice is a combination of a passion for raw, natural materials with an element of spontaneity in design. Her fascination with glass stems from its contradictions - its transformation from hot, liquid magma into a brittle sculpture. She started working with glass while studying at Sandberg Instituut, which she graduated from in 2022. She also works as a sculptor with metal, stone and ceramics.
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