Horizon – Oak Wood Ceiling Light

by Milan Bhullar United States (US)

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Horizon Light symbolizes the ray of light we are looking for in moments of darkness and gloom. The pendant light is suspended from the ceiling with the help of steel cable in a continuous loop that allows the ‘pod’ to be easily tilted along the vertical plane and oriented in the desired direction by virtue of its own weight creating a rhythmic light and shadow movement. The rhythmic movement is reminiscent of the diurnal shifts of the sun. The light is designed to primarily cast a down-light but a sliver between the wooden panels casts a beam of light upward onto the ceiling. This light beam emulates the arc of light created by the sun rising on the horizon. Daily rhythmic movements of night and day, light and shadow inspire the design of this light. The process of building the light fixture tests the natural resilience of white oak wood in that it is bent in shape in response to being tethered at either end.

The fabrication process intentionally does not use pre-forming as a technique to capture the material’s natural resilience live in action as it bends in compression. The wooden panels that shade the light use the natural curve of the material forming a gentle arc realizing the metaphor of bending and not breaking under stress.

Horizon Light is part of the Shifting Perspective collection which intends to explore habits we create around furniture and its influence on our perspective and natural resiliency. Interactions with the Horizon Light are intended to become ritualistic. This inter-dependence through ritual is investigated to help foster new habits around furniture as a medium to encourage a practice aimed at restoring our resiliency beyond its natural state. Daily engagement with this piece intends to offer cues to ‘shift our perspective’ through the physical ‘shifting’ of the light ‘pod.’

The light ‘pod’ uses an LED light source making it energy efficient. Earily replaceable.

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Milan Bhullar is a designer and maker based in Washington D.C. Milan’s designs are dynamic, playful and multi-layered. She designs with intention and responds to human behaviors that facilitate daily habits. She uses her craft as a medium of self-discovery and introspection exploring themes of reflection, hyper-optimism, resilience and transformation. Milan is a designer motivated by process and materiality. A specialist in wood bending techniques, Milan’s work explores material resiliency through curves and bent forms in wood that she uses to tell a story. Milan has had her works exhibited at ICFF Manhattan and was a selected designer for Launchpad Wanted Design Manhattan 2023 earning her the NYCxDesign Award in 2023. Other exhibitions include Unique Design x Savannah 2023, ISFD Innovation + Design 2022 and 2024 at High Point, North Carolina. Milan is also one of 10 selected artists commissioned by SCAD Museum of Art for a permanent sculpture at the Promenade de Sculptures in Lacoste, France in 2022. She was awarded Emerging Product Design of the year in 2023 by the European Product Design Awards (EPDA). Milan is a selected designer exhibiting at Launchpad by WANTED ICFF 2024.
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