Giovanni – Paper Pulp Bedside Table

by Riccardo Cenedella Italy

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Europe’s largest market, Porta Palazzo, spans an expansive 51,300 m², presenting a myriad of goods ranging from food to attire and household essentials. This vibrant marketplace not only serves as a commercial hub but also as a vital source of income for thousands. However, post 2 pm, as the vendors wind down, there’s a significant accumulation of unsold items and waste. The lack of differentiation in this waste renders it unrecyclable. Living and working in close proximity to the market, Riccardo Cenedella felt an intrinsic bond with it, and its discarded remnants soon became a fountain of inspiration for him.

For this particular endeavor, Riccardo decided to spotlight the potential of cardboard and paper waste. He innovated a technique where the cardboard is soaked in water and amalgamated with gypsum and PVA glue, resulting in a versatile material. Hand-dyed for an enhanced aesthetic, this concoction is then meticulously applied to a foundation made of wood and metal mesh. Upon drying, the creation is sanded to perfection and sealed with a wax finish. The culmination of this process is a stunning sculptural artifact, exuding a rich, stone-like texture.

The object can be customized both in colour and shape. Also, contact me if you wish to create some bespoke piece of furniture

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Cenedella's work is inspired by a fascination with materials experimentation, exploring how contemporary society's waste can be transformed into functional objects. He developed this design method while studying MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins in London. In this period, he started taking a low-tech approach to design, influenced by the theories of the French philosopher Claude Levi-Strauss about the "bricoleur" described in one of his most important works (The Savage Mind, 1962). Riccardo Cenedella lives and works in Turin. He works with both private and public clients. His pieces have been exhibited at Collectible in Bruxelles, SWING Design Gallery in Benevento, EDIT Napoli, the London Design Festival, the Milan Design Week, the Affordable Art Fair London, and the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. In addition to working as an independent designer, he is a university professor at IAAD in Turin (Institute of Applied Art and Design) where he teaches Product Life Cycle Assessment.
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