Fantastic Rock Table Lamp No. 3
by Shimmer Studio Canada

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Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Chinese Scholar Rock (Gongshi), the “Fantastic Rocks” series captures the essence of these revered stones, which symbolize a universe in miniature for introspective contemplation. These pieces embrace Taoist reverence for the imperfect, with ceramics meticulously crafted to mirror nature’s spontaneous quirks.

Echoing the ideals cherished by the Chinese literati, these designs find resonance with contemporary connoisseurs who appreciate the groundbreaking forms reminiscent of Brancusi, Moore, and Giacometti. Each piece seamlessly fuses functional lighting with a fusion of modern metallic glaze and automotive paint, a nod to traditional life philosophy while embracing the present.

This lamp is made with ceramics, metallic glazed,G9 LED bulb included.

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Shimmer Studio specializes in crafting exquisite ceramic lights with sculptural elegance. Every piece, individually fashioned, stands as a testament to an enduring legacy of technical advancements in crafting more robust and refined ceramics. These unique designs, handcrafted through an intricate process, are a fusion of nature's beauty, evocative figurative sculpture, and timeless artistry. Designed to enhance various settings, each shape resonates with intention and aesthetic precision. Yuxing Zhang, a Chinese-Canadian artist and designer anchored in Toronto, carries a rich tapestry of international experiences. With over a decade of design training spanning the US, Singapore, China, and Canada, she melds a spectrum of diverse cultures and perspectives into her work. For Yuxing, the artistry lies not just in the finished piece but also in the intimate journey of creation. The tactile sensation of shaping clay, transforming it into envisioned forms, offers her profound satisfaction. Every piece she births radiates her deep passion for color and light, aiming to infuse spaces with warmth and joy.
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