“Beirut Power” Transparent
by Wyssem Nochi

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All started when a designer colleague Gregory Gatserelia requested I look at a cows mascot trophy head in fiberglass, he was to give a plain white head to selected artists to decorate to hang them as an ornament in BrGR.Co. Chef Hussein Hadid recent restaurant in downtown Beirut. Being vegetarian I decided to band the cows’ eyes with a satin ‘Black Tie” a.k.a title of the work and the upcoming’s, not to see the slaughter and meat served on the tables, the cow head was rejected though they served a vegetarian burger. Following the incident, I produced seven all silk fine tailored black ties, one for every day of the week for use in the bedroom each with a different function and graphic content: Cuff. Whip. Zip. Mask. Tie. Hang. Band., and started to sketch and prototype several glass objects, for House Of Today and WallpaperStore* among the works were ‘Night Bottle Nibbles”, a surreal sensual and voluptuous milk/water bottle and glass, and “Kiss Extinguisher”, a glass box to save a lover’s specimen lipstick kiss mark inside or simply use to put out a cigarette as ashtray snuff box. “Beirut Power” water float candle chandeliers dumbbells followed in the series inspired by a stencil graffiti found on the street walls of Beirut representing a generic ‘light bulb and a candlelight’ referred to the frequent power cuts the country witnesses daily, and so to take even more pleasure in the dark, space wax, fire burn and body piercing pain in erotic daze, on ultralight dumbbell workout.



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Design independent.  Established design studio in 2002 - Hamra, Beirut.  Founded design gallery ON-OFF in 2005 - Downtown Central District in Beirut,  and in 2012  - Hamra, Beirut. The practice produces art work on different scale, from product, furniture, interior design, to architecture and urban design. Underlying the aesthetics of the multiscale conceptual work is a basic program / function; often referring to nature, scientific research, master artist or art work, to answer a need -  an art expression  - a design solving a  problem - reinterpreting occurrmces and genuine materials for human experience. Artist statement: Design is a traceless act, a condition dissolving in the in/comprehensible evident of an im/perfect art.   The spectrum of commodity from object to urban plan condense time and space into built form to renew user experience.  Works are constructed according to narratives, the object form, contains a story digest, a product of the every day process of information defining-identity.  As ideas free, evolve copyright to improve work, express language with vision and address needs with or without constraints to define the collective future.
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