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Behold:become No 4 – Ceramic Sculpture

by Signe Fensholt Denmark

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This exceptional artwork explores the intriguing interplay between intended design and organic growth, blending two fundamental design principles into a captivating composition.

Delicate organic shapes, crafted from plant materials sourced from nature and preserved in porcelain, stand frozen in time on small pedestals. During the initial firing, these fragile natural imprints fragment into smaller pieces, which are then thoughtfully repurposed into loosely stacked structures atop the base.

In the subsequent firing, the glazes come to life, evolving and shaping the tableau, seamlessly merging the base and top to capture a moment in motion.

The sculpture’s pristine white porcelain form stands in striking contrast to the rich and intricate textures of the glazes, revealing the inherent beauty in both elements. “BEHOLD:BECOME No 4” is a testament to the artistry of Signe Fensholt, inviting you to contemplate the harmonious coexistence of design and nature in this captivating ceramic masterpiece.

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Signe Fensholt is a Copenhagen based ceramic artist. In her work she leaves part of the creative process to the magic of the ceramic materials and the natural forces in the ceramic kiln. Like a choreographer she sets the stage, give her instructions and let go. The transformation of soil and dust into sparkling surfaces and crisp shapes is still visible as traces of creation. The performative aspect of ceramic materials is a focal point in the way she works as well as in the final results. She works in the interface between design and art keeping a reference to a shape or a function that we easily recognize but with another agenda than finding a solution for a practical need. She graduated 2018 from The Royal Danish Academy of Design. Since her graduation she has been selected for major exhibitions and has received several grants for her artistic practice.
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