an ode to great memories - small (rectangle)

by Bram Kerkhofs Belgium

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Each variation may differ Dimension LxWxH (cm): 10x6x2
Open Editions Material : Stainless Steel
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‘Les gaufres’ is a collection of candle holders representing the Belgian waffle. The collection basically exists as ‘La gaufre Liégeoise’ and ‘La gaufre Bruxelloise’ which can be used with normal candles (23 mm). ‘Les gaufres de ma grand-mère/an ode to great memories’ is a scaled version with different sizes (from small to large) to be used with candles with a diameter of 15 mm.

Les gaufres can be seen as a modular puzzle, assembled out of different parts, in which it is also possible to create larger wholes by combining more sets, leaving its typical form. The larger waffles also work as a coaster for pots and pans.


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 cm
Dimensions LxWxH (cm)

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About the designer

BRAM KERKHOFS (° 1977) is a Belgian furniture designer looking for new forms and methods to challenge the functionality and flexibility of a furniture piece. Educated as a goldsmith he is fascinated by connections, hinges and joints, and especially by the forces and opportunities they generate. His work is full of mathematics and algorithms. Shapes, concepts, techniques and materials are always matched, with a lasting alertness to the final function, bringing simplicity into complexity. This time-intensive design and development process always results in unique objects that automatically express his signature. Many of his designs must be seen in a larger picture, as parts to a whole, in which he explores the endless possibilities for links, combinations and variations. Bram also designs unique concepts, linking stories, functions and techniques to specific contexts. Bram wants to clarify complex constructions and gives the consumer and the spectator insight into his thinking process. That is why his work partly revolves around people, as the manipulators of his modular furniture, as wearers of his jewellery, but above all, Bram aims to influence through collaborations with his apprentices and students and with the wider world around him through workshops and lectures al around the globe.

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New Solid is a vision to feel and live with art. It is the first show of Casa Nueva, a livable gallery space and apartment hotel initiated by designers River Valadez and Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens, built on the idea that art can be inhabited. We invite visitors to participate in the dialogue among transdisciplinary works from the contemporary art and design scene. It concerns functional art designed and conceived by artists from two magnificent cities, Mexico City and New York, in a correlation founded in geometry, technology, and crafts. The artworks, bliss for the contemplative eye and a joy to use, will invite the beholder to examine the floating and multidimensional character of concepts such as mass, volume, or weight. The location, equipped as a functional living space, can be found in the historical center of Mexico City. The event will be part of the Design Week Mexico festivities in partnership with Adorno, acting as the international design and logistics platform, as well as Ángulo Cero, an Art Gallery with astonishing designs located in Mexico City, and with the support of Yunuen Sariego, promoter and curator of contemporary art based in Mexico City.