03v07 – Black and White Paper Composite Chair
by Samuel Aguirre United States (US)

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The 03v07 – Black and White Paper Composite Chair, designed by Samuel Aguirre, is a groundbreaking piece from the 03VXX Series. This chair embodies a revolutionary approach to furniture design, utilizing starch and fiber to showcase the extensive possibilities of natural, compostable materials in both handcrafted and mass-produced items.

Built for durability within indoor environments, these chairs are also designed with environmental consciousness at their core, boasting a compostable life of less than one year. The deliberate selection of commercially available materials underlines what can be achieved at scale today, offering a direct solution to our reliance on oil-based products. This series stands as a tangible proof of concept, demonstrating that the challenge lies not in resource scarcity, but in the realms of design creativity and industrial diligence.

Samuel Aguirre’s process is underpinned by thorough material research, delving into the origin, composition, manufacturing, lifecycle, and end-of-life analysis. His goal is clear: to minimize the environmental impact of material choices. This series explores a variety of fibers, including hemp, cotton, and post-consumer paper pulp, to illustrate the versatility and sustainability of natural materials.

The 03v07 chair addresses the critical issue of environmental pollution resulting from petroleum-based furniture. In a world where industrialization has led to short-lived objects created from fossil fuels, this chair challenges the norm. It confronts the discrepancy where furniture is used for a fraction of its potential lifespan yet is manufactured to last for centuries. This product prompts a reevaluation of material sourcing, usage duration, end-of-life paths, and the overall impact on the environment, economy, and community.

As the urgency for circular furniture solutions grows, the 03v07 chair stands as a beacon of hope. It serves as a compelling reminder of the dire consequences of continued reliance on petroleum-based products and calls for action to protect our planet and future generations.

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Samuel is an aspiring talent currently undertaking his Master of Fine Arts in Furniture Design at the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design. His focus is deeply rooted in environmental consciousness, primarily utilizing bio-based materials that are commercially available. Samuel's work is a tangible demonstration of the immediate possibilities for reducing reliance on petroleum across various industries, particularly within the realm of furniture design. His approach is meticulous and research-intensive, delving into the origins, composition, manufacturing processes, life-cycle, and end-of-life considerations of the materials he employs. Samuel's work is a testament to the power of a circular design philosophy, showcasing how overcoming our environmental challenges is less about resource availability and more about creative design solutions and proactive industry efforts. His endeavors exemplify how thoughtful design can lead to sustainable and innovative solutions in the furniture industry and beyond.
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