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With his label Livable designer Sep Verboom (°1990, works in Ghent) cooperates with traditional communities in the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil. Together with local people Verboom creates projects in which crafts, social engagement, design and human contact beautifully merge. As these communities don’t have professional structures the final product is always unique. Beautiful examples are the FAN project (2014) in the Philippines’ Cebu City, for which he recycled the metal structure of fans and combined these with newly made rotan structures in lamps, and the Caro Barro project (2016) in the Brazilian Vale do Jequitinhonha, where he made ceramic vases that combine traditional local techniques with a contemporary design. Line by line Verboom also integrates this knowledge into industries such as Belgian companies Vincent Sheppard, for whom he designed the Aya-collection, and Papilio, for whom he designed the Rope Rugs. Doing so, he wants to realise his final goal: a social, ecological and qualitative revolution of the traditional industries. In 2018 Sep Verboom won the German Recycling Design prize and the Belgian Henry Van de Velde, Young talent Award.



* Industrial Product Design from HOWEST, 2009-2012
* Postgraduate world development, North-South relations, 2012-2013


* FAN launch, London design week, Design junction 2013
* MAD SURPRIZE! Young Belgian Design Awards 2015
* ROPE hope, Ventura Lambrate, Milan 2015
* FAN 2015, Design Museum Gent (5 years De Invasie)
* Caro Barro, 2016, MADE, São Paulo
* Hands on design, 8th design triennial, 2016-2017, Design museum Gent
* Joias, 2017, MADE, São Paulo
* Recycling Design Preis, 2018, Marta Herford
* Henry van de Velde Awards 2017, Bozar, Brussels

Press coverage

2017/ November/ Absoluut N°15 (BE)
2017/ October/ Actief wonen (BE)
2017/ June / IDEAT (FR)
2017/ April / Homes & Garden (UK)
2017/ April / ELLE Décoration (FR)
2017/ February/ TRENDS (IN)
2016/ October/ Casa Claudia (BR)
2016/ October/ Rogue (PH)
2016/ September / Casa Vogue (BR)
2016/ May / Rogue (PH)
2016/ April-May / ELLE Decoration (BE)
2015/ Oct / LINDA.wonen (NL)
2015/ July / DECORS (BE)
2015/ June / DECO idees (BE)
2015/ May / KNACK magazine (BE)
2015/ April / De Standaard Magazine (BE)
2014/ Oct-Nov / ELLE Decoration (NL)
2014/ Aug / MAP Australia (AU)
2014/ April / KNACK Weekend Special Design (BE)
2014/ March / NEST (BE)
2014/ Feb / Volkskrant (NL)
2014/ Jan / DM magazine (BE)
2013/ Dec / VOGUE (UK)

Jobs & Positions

LIVABLE, Founder. Product Developer and Quality control at Vincent Sheppard

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