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Philipp Weber

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‘Where lies the significance of craftsmanship today?’, ‘What is the meaning of the human relation to a material and its processing?’ or ‘What remains of a craft?’ are questions that guide my approach.

Philipp Weber (*1987 in Münster, Germany). In his work, he seeks to find emotional qualities within production processes. The mystery that lies in the craft of glass blowing or the alien work environment of a coal miner are topics which inspire him and feed his fascination.
Weber believes that in an increasingly digitalized world the comprehension and appreciation for original relations of production processes are getting lost. By finding arcane values that reveal themselves in a new and different meaning he poses new prospects on craftsmanship or production process and their importance for our societies.



Graduated in 2012 from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands


Schloss Hollenegg
May 2017
‘From Below’ at Schloss Hollenegg
for Design in the group show ‘Morphosis’,
curated by Alice Liechtenstein,
Schwanberg, Austria:


5vie/ PS
April 2017
‘From Below’ Exhibition during
Milan Design Week, curated by
Federica Sala from PS Consultants
Milan, Italy:


Dutch Invertuals
April 2017
‘Harvest’ Exhibition during
Milan Design Week
Milan, Italy:


Spazio Nobile Gallery
February 2017
‘Crystalized’ Exhibition showing
a selection of pieces from ‘A Strange Symphony’,
‘On Colours’ and ‘From Below’
Brussels, Belgium:


Passagen Cologne
January 2017
‘From Below’ as part of an exhibiton
curated by State of Design Berlin
Cologne, Germany:


“Ringvorlesung” Lecture
April 2016
Lecture at the FH Dortmund organised
by the department of scenography in
Dortmund, Germany:


Exhibition: Development Prize
of the City of Munich
April 2016
Exhibition linked to the nomination
of the development grant at the Gallery
‘Lothringer 13’ in
Munich, Germany:


Design Days Dubai
March 2016
‘On Colours’ is selected by Frame,
Eyes on Talentes & Comptoir 102
to be presented during Dubai Design Days
Dubai, UAE:


Marten Van Severen Foundation
November 2015
Workshop with
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
Ghent, Belgium:


Justus Brinkmann Förderpreis
November 2015
Exhibition at the MKG
Hamburg, Germany:


Gallerie 16 Rue de Lille
November 2015
Exhibition in
Paris, France:

Press coverage

TL Magazine
April 2017
Print Publication & Interview


TL Magazine
January 2017
Online Publication of ‘From Below’


LS:N Global
January 2017
Online Publication of ‘From Below’


Interview Magazine
October 2016
Interview in October Issue:


Handle with Care
November 2015
Print Publication,
Trademark Publishing:


October 2015
Dutch TV Report,
Vrije Geluiden:


July 2015
Print Publication,
Issue #2:


Glass is tomorrow
June 2015
Print Publication,
Issue #2:


IN Residence Design Dialogues
March 2015
Print Publication of the 8th workshop
of IN Residence in Turin, Italy:


TL Magazine
May 2014
TL Magazine on the DMY Awards
2014 and the live-performance in


December 2013
Lidewij Edelkoort features ‘A Strange
Symphony’ in the ‘Talent’-section of
her ‘Trendtablet’:


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