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Diego Faivre

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French-born, Netherlands-based Diego Faivre is a recent graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven. His graduation project, Minute Manufacture, offers complete transparency in the production and manufacturing processes of design in his work, challenging the current fabrication and evaluation of objects. For Faivre, time really is money; the number of minutes spent affects the quality and design of the outcome. It is his response to the rise of mass production and the consequential devaluation of individual expression.
Drawing from his experience as a blue-collar worker, Faivre points out that every action in a factory or similar environment is meticulously calculated, recorded and assessed, leaving no room for the human element. At the same time, his project strives to inject a sense of expression and personal identity into manufacturing.



– September 2014- 2018 : Design Academy Eindhoven Man and Leisure


G18 at the Campina Factory, Eindhoven

The Diploma Selection at Designblok, Pragues

An Inspired Connection – Kinder Modern and USModular, New-York

Khreky Mikulov Art and Design Festival, Mikulov

Custom Exercise at Ace Hotel London 

575 rods covered in 2375 minutes, Vienna 

Surplus presents: Rethink Processes, Eindhoven

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Guest Teacher at Design Academy Eindhoven

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Diego Faivre

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