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The work of architect and artist Buşra Tunç focuses on perception and experience in space. Her interdisciplinary approach creates ambient atmospheres, which need to get experienced to unfold their aesthetic narratives. Tunç designs spatial experiences, which appear like realms of light, where frequency, intensity and colour temperature fuse with auditory patterns. The composed soundscapes assemble noise, sonic acts and human voice.

The body of her architecture is build through a modified reuse of industrial materials to question their normative contexts and functions which determine our everyday life. Her engineered physical structures breathe the old heritage of vast megalopolises and forgotten factory sites, creating a tension between the inside and outside to provide gateways into other spheres. The experienced realities take the audience through levels of intimacy and creative thrill by stimulating visionary imaginations.


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Architecture and Cinema



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Selected Exhibitions: 2021 Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021, Tokyo, Japan, 2020 ÄTHER, Site Specific Installation, Goethe Instutue, Istanbul, 2017 Majaz, Site Specific Installation, Sahand Hasemiyan + Buşra Tunç, BLOK art space, Büyük Valide Han, Istanbul, 2017 Heterotopia, Audio-Visual Installation, REM Art Space, Istanbul, 2016 Oculus: A Spatial Experience and Audio-Visual Performance, MSGSÜ Tophane_i Amire Single-Dome Hall, Istanbul, 2016 Detail, Blokart Space, Istanbul, 2016 Non Linear Future, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, 2015 Formless, Fluid Reality in New Media, MSUB Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia, 2015 Suruhu, Immersive Experience-Light, Water and Sound Installation, Nakilbent Cistern, Istanbul, 2015 Xchange, The Codes of Light, Plug-in Section, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair’15, Istanbul, 2015 Waves, Sinusoid-Light Installation, BLOK Art Space, Istanbul, 2015 Mekan Atolye II, CerModern, Ankara 2015 Mamut Art Project 15, Istanbul 2015 Istanbul Maker Faire, Santral Istanbul, Power Plant Museum, Istanbul 2014 Made by Makers, Studio-X, Istanbul 2014 Istanbul Maker Faire, Halic Congress Center, Istanbul 2014 Bazaart14, Chalaby Art Gallery, Istanbul 2013 Bazaart13, Chalaby Art Gallery, Istanbul 2013 Pour La Beauté du Geste, Young Photography Initiative, Istanbul 2010 Untitled:Cities, Solo Photography Exhibition, Anadolu University, Eskisehir



Press & Publications


Texts, Interviews, Publications: “OCULUS Immersive Installation Based on Centuries-Old Architecture” arcticle by Annalise Zorn, June 2017, Archdaily “OCULUS as an interactive light + sound performance” by Lia Zeitoun, 2017, Designboom “A Minimal Lamp Inspired By A Single Line” by Nanette Wong, December 2016, Design Milk “Istanbul-In-Between discusses a ‘phygital’ future” by Ilaria Capriglione, October 2016, Frame Magazine “Mimarlık ve Sanat Arasındaki Özerk Bölge” interview by Naz Cuguoğlu, May 2016, Artful Living In-Between portraits: Buşra Tunç, interview by Dilek Öztürk, july, 2018, In-Between Online “Suyu Solumak” , Celaleddin Çelik, May, 2015, İstanbul Art News “Kente Farklı Bir Yerden Yaklaşıp, Farklı Bir Şey Katıyor ve Alıyoruz” Amber Eroyan, April, 2015, Mimarizm “Sultanahmet Sinemaları”, Fatih Özgüven, April, 2015, Radikal “Yerin Altına İniyorsunuz ve Orada Bambaşka Geçiyor Zaman”, İlknur Sudaş, April, 2015, Arkitera “Büyük Kentlerde Yaşayanların Zihinleri ve Bedenleri İşgal Edilmiş Durumda”, Derya Gursel, February, 2015, Arkiter Istanbul Art News Portfolio section, artist Buşra Tunç, Article by Ebru Yetişkin, 2015, Istanbul Art News


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