“Vases Tables“ Series by Andreas Berlin – Finding timeless beauty in preloved materials

What matters most to the Berlin-based designer, Andreas Berlin, is that his unique objects have a strong consistent concept and can create a long-lasting fascination among their users.

Berlin studied at the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences, which was heavily influenced by the independent teaching of the Bauhaus. This has been impacting his design philosophy until today: “I am very happy about this tradition and influence, but when I realized that the sentence “form follows function” can also be reversed, an additional valuable potential in the creative process developed for me.”

The “Vases Tables” series by Berlin clearly showcases his ability to create elegant and timeless yet also nostalgic pieces of furniture through reusing vintage vases and vessels. Both the “Summer Song” Side Table and the “Come To Me” Side Table are part of this collection and are extraordinary, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Each work in this series is a carefully thought-out composition with an individually crafted construction. Besides the vintage elements, Berlin also utilises newly made acrylic and glass components. The sturdy, internal construction is made of metal and additional elastic components that hold the vases and bowls in place. A weight in the foot ensures a secure footing.

“Design is the search for a new way of looking at a product and the development of a feeling and logic for the formal and technical implementation. The decisive factor is to what extent the idea can exert a lasting fascination”.

Another aspect of Berlin’s practice can be distilled from the “Vases Tables” series: the influence of art. This is due to the fact that the designer shares his studio with his wife, the artist Sabine Dehnel. Given his close proximity to art, Berlin has drawn inspiration from it and this expresses itself through his exclusive collection of unique design pieces that he started back in 2016. Indeed, according to him, his “Vases Tables” series does not only belong in the contemporary design home but also in art galleries and exhibitions.

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