Paris Design Week Factory x Adorno: Matérialité

This September, Paris Design Week returns to present a series of exhibitions, talks, and city walks through four design-minded districts around the French capital. This year’s theme, as described by PDW, is “Desirable Development”, through which participants will explore “how to invent a future that is joyful, better for the planet, and attractive for those who inhabit it”. First brought to life by Maison&Objet in 2011, this international showcase for design offers an opportunity to explore the Parisian design scene from an innovative, design-focused point of view. This year, Adorno is excited to announce our digital partnership with Paris Design Week Factory. Taking place between 8 – 12 September 2021, Factory is coined as the breeding ground of the avant-garde, incubating emerging designers’ work and promoting cross-dialogue amongst peers. Adorno co-founder and creative director Martin Clausen explains that, “the combination of highly curated shows and extensive digital programming will set a new standard for exhibitions and fairs. Something we have been looking forward to showcasing with Factory in our new ‘Shows’ section on Adorno’s platform”.

As a part of the Factory lineup, Adorno presents “Matérialité”, a French collection curated by Stephen Markos. “Matérialité” highlights the innovative spirit of young French designers who experiment with material while leveraging their technical prowess. Working within the theme of “desirable development”, Markos has selected a series of pieces which reflect their makers’ deeply personal and unique perspectives on their material of choice. By presenting a diversity of form, the collection aims to stoke desire among a broad set of collectors, in turn growing the market to create a sustainable industry where designers can forge a living through their creativity.

Featuring pieces by AuchKatzStudio, Audrey Guimard & Marie Jeunet, BehaghelFoiny, Dorian Renard, Sabourin Costes, and Wendy Andreu. The “Matérialité” collection will be available to view in person at Paris Design Week Factory, located at Espace Commines – 116 Rue de Turenne 75003 PARIS, FR – from Wednesday, 8 September to Sunday, 12 September.

AuchKatzStudio, “Rubis” Stool & “Jaspe” Stool

In a world subject to globalization and snapshot, Elsa Belbacha-Lardy & Thomas Thibout of AuchKatzStudio’s empirical work fights against a large scale serial design. They work to sublimate the roughness and instability of their materials so as to achieve an experimental design where materials dominate and bring together the solid and the fragility.

View AuchKatzStudio’s showroom, including “Rubis” Stool & “Jaspe” Stool

Audrey Guimard & Marie Jeunet, “Ice Totem 3”

“Ice Totem” is part of the “Precious Artefact” capsule collection of light sculptures by Audrey Guimard and Marie Jeunet. On sculptural stone plinths, like so many mineral landscapes, are integrated sheets of coloured glass and blocks of raw material which, through skilful play of lights and textures, magnify the stone and the surfaces surrounding them. Coloured transparencies and hypnotic caustics evolve before our eyes throughout the day.

View Audrey Guimard & Marie Jeunet’s showroom, including “Ice Totem”

BehaghelFoiny, “Lampadulure”

“Lampadulure” is a part of the “Tubulure” project which explores an alternative creation of furniture using industrial matter. The protocol starts with a flexible aluminum tube, which is twisted and coated with different primers, in order to create everyday furniture.These objects are therefore covered with various textures that arouse fantasies by shaking up the gloom of our domestic universes. The tube becomes a pretext for a joyful divagation.

View BehaghelFoiny’s showroom, including “Lampadulure – Purple” and “Lampadulure – Pink”

Dorian Renard, Low Table from the Collection: “The Beauty of Distortion”

Dorian Renard’s series, “The Beauty of Distortion”, is a study on how our prejudices about materials can be altered through subversive use of crafting techniques, which melt, blow, stretch, and bend what we think the material is into a new, elegant distortion of what it could also be. A new notion of beauty, one that is alluringly twisted, warped, and bent, instead of industrially morose.

View Dorian Renard’s showroom, including the Low Table from the Collection: “The Beauty of Distortion”

Sabourin Costes, “Boudins Stool”

The “Boudins Stool” is the central piece of the “Boudins Collection”, a series of handcrafted functional objects created by Sabourin Costes that surprise and stand out by their sculptural shapes and transparent colorful palette. The “Boudins” pieces are bold, yet functional and easily find their place in our daily living environments.
The stools – created in a limited edition of five – are entirely handmade out of tinted transparent resin, creating distortions and reflections of the surrounding environment.

View Sabourin Costes’ showroom, including “Boudins Stool”

Wendy Andreu, “LN Stool”

The “LN Stools” are especially made for the renewed photography agency Roger-Viollet located in Paris. They have been commissioned by architect David Apheceix and their shape matches the architectural volumes of the space and the peculiar history of the place. The Roger-Viollet agency owns a photography archive of 6 millions images. The watery aspect of the stools mimics the photography revealing baths and the pattern of the historical boxes containing the pictures. The graphical stools create a contrast with the grey monochromatic environment.

View Wendy Andreu’s showroom, including “LN Stool”

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