COLLECTIBLE PREVIEW: 8 Reasons to Look Forward to the 7th edition

COLLECTIBLE, the esteemed international fair dedicated to 21st-century design, returns for its 7th edition, promising an extraordinary showcase of contemporary creativity and innovation. From March 7 to 10, 2024, the iconic Vanderborght Building in Brussels will once again become a vibrant hub for design aficionados, housing a diverse array of talents and groundbreaking projects. This year, COLLECTIBLE continues to champion the future of design through its curated sections: MAIN, BESPOKE, NEW GARDE, ARCHITECT <=> DESIGNER, DIALOGUE, CURATED, and the inaugural OUTDOOR section. As the fair approaches, we spotlight not-to-miss projects that exemplify the fair’s commitment to excellence and innovation in design.

“MOLTEN MIRROR” by Jacob Egeberg presented by TABLEAU (MAIN SECTION)

In the MAIN section of the fair, Jacob Egeberg teams up with TABLEAU to unveil “MOLTEN MIRROR,” a mesmerizing installation that merges the digital realm with the artisanal tradition of sand-cast aluminum. This piece, digitally conceived and then brought to life through a blend of advanced printing techniques and time-honored craftsmanship, evokes the dynamic essence of molten lava or the vibrant energy of liquid iron in a forge.

“MOLTEN MIRROR” stands as a testament to Egeberg’s visionary approach to design, capturing time and the fluidity and transient beauty of nature’s most powerful transformations. Measuring 120 x 88 x 18 cm, this future relic invites the audience on a reflective journey, akin to peering into the heart of an active volcano, witnessing the birth of metal from fire. A celebration of motion and metamorphosis, it offers a unique contemporary aesthetic that promises to be a highlight of this year’s fair.

“TF V1-05 Ultra Dust” by Tim Teven & Flora Lechner (BESPOKE SECTION)

In the BESPOKE section, a standout collaborative effort between Tim Teven Studio and Flora Manon introduces the “TF V1-05 Ultra Dust”. This innovative project redefines the concept of cleanliness with a professional-grade dustbin, hand sweeper, and shovel set designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The “TF V1-05 Ultra Dust” is a testament to the fusion of practical design with avant-garde aesthetics, offering a comprehensive solution for managing fine, dry dust and heavier debris like chips, scrap, and granules. With a container capacity of up to 120 liters and made from heavy-duty materials for stability and comfort, this set emphasizes efficiency and elegance in maintenance tasks. The interchangeable bags, easily available in various stores, underscore the user-friendly aspect of this design, ensuring that maintaining a dust-free environment is both effective and stylish.

Offered exclusively as a set to maximize their utility and performance, the “TF V1-05 Ultra Dust” invites you to reconsider the dynamics of domestic chores and workspace upkeep. Say goodbye to disputes over dusty surfaces and embrace the harmonious blend of form and function that Tim Teven and Flora Lechner bring to the realm of bespoke design.


In the ARCHITECT <=> DESIGNER section, studio MOTO, hailing from Ghent, Belgium, unveils “STACK,” a groundbreaking modular aluminum furniture system that marks its debut into the furniture design scene. Created by the firm’s founders, Mo Vandenberghe and Thomas Hick, “STACK” embodies a playful yet practical approach to furniture design, offering a versatile solution tailored to individual needs and preferences.

This innovative collection is characterized by its simplicity and adaptability, utilizing a minimal number of aluminum components to achieve a wide range of configurations. From a compact coffee table formed by two round aluminum plates to a striking sculptural totem composed of six stacked plates, “STACK” challenges conventional furniture design through its modularity and functionality. The system’s ability to be easily expanded and reconfigured speaks to studio MOTO’s architectural background, emphasizing the seamless blend of architectural rigor with the flexibility of modern living spaces.

“STACK” not only demonstrates studio MOTO’s inventive approach to design but also reflects the firm’s commitment to creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable pieces. By allowing users to ‘build’ furniture that precisely fits their space and style, studio MOTO redefines the relationship between architecture and furniture, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary design.


© OHM Studio

OHM Studio (France) with their latest creation positions the chair not just as a piece of furniture, but as a profound symbol of perpetual love and remembrance. Despite the relentless tide of time and the void left by a departed loved one, this chair remains unchanged, steadfast in its role as a sacred vessel carrying the essence of those missed. It defies any efforts to be displaced or altered, maturing alongside the memories it safeguards. This transformative journey mirrors the evolution of love itself, morphing from its original state into a treasured and irreplaceable relic of bygone days.

© Carol Gay

Carol Gay (Brazil) brings a playful splash of Brazilian design flair, with a glass chandelier celebrating craftsmanship, and intuition. As perhaps one of today’s most influential Brazilian designers, this come-back from Gay, manifests her ability to stay progressive while mastering the joyous spirit of Brazilian culture and crafts.

© Clara Jorisch

Clara Jorisch (Canada) Since debuting her glass furniture collection at WantedDesign, Jorisch has quickly become a celebrated voice on the international stage. Offering a fresh perspective on contemporary design, Jorisch merges new techniques, with unconventional materials resulting in cutting-edge aesthetics.

© Ia Kutateladze

Ia Kutateladze (Georgia / Germany) bridges Eastern European heritage and contemporary design principles in her thought-provoking creations. Through her architectural and research-based approach, Ia transforms ceramic blocks into spatial sculptures, seamlessly integrating function into the designs.

© Szkło Studio

Szkło Studio & Lindsey Fontijn (Poland) unite to present a fusion of jewelry design and traditional glassmaking techniques. This collaboration has resulted in stunning one-of-a-kind tableware pieces, with embedded gemstones, where two materials melts together in a harmony of intuition.

© Marius Boekhorst

Marius Boekhorst (The Netherlands) is a multi-disciplinary Artist and Designer from the Netherlands. With his work, he plays upon the concept of marrying analog and digital elements, to provide unique designs and experiences for brands and individuals. One of its kind and future-oriented – he represents a new type of design thinking that no longer implies a dichotomy between the physical and digital worlds.

Copper Blowing by Prisca Razafindrakoto (NEW GARDE SECTION)

In an innovative reinterpretation of the classic Mullca 510 school chair, Prisca Razafindrakoto presents “510-Cu – Le trio Solvay”, showcasing an innovative Copper Blowing technique, a striking display to explore within the NEW GARDE section. This avant-garde piece swaps the traditional plywood backrest and seat for elements crafted from copper, artfully inflated and flame-colored to resemble quilted fabric.

Dubbed “Le trio Solvay,” this custom-made set of 510-Cu chairs was specially designed for the “La Promenade du Collectionneur” exhibition held at the prestigious Solvay private mansion in Brussels. These chairs not only redefine the boundaries of material use in furniture design but also mark a significant achievement as the initial prototype models were acquired by the Mobilier National following the “Les Aliénés du Mobilier National” project in 2022.

Each chair, a blend of brushed copper and thermolacquered steel, is signed and numbered. This collection stands as a testament to the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, offering a unique aesthetic that challenges conventional furniture norms.

FORMÆ (France) with Material Curator & Material Bank (SPECIAL PROJECTS SECTION)

The SPECIAL PROJECTS section introduces FORMÆ from France, in collaboration with Material Curator & Material Bank. This project is set to redefine our understanding of materials in design, presenting an innovative exploration of textures, substances, and their applications in creating future-forward design objects.

As COLLECTIBLE Fair 2024 approaches, these highlighted projects represent just a glimpse of the vast creative landscape awaiting discovery. Each section of the fair has been meticulously curated to showcase the pinnacle of contemporary design, offering visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of cutting-edge creativity. Whether you’re drawn to the bespoke intricacies of custom-made objects, the architectural prowess of design-led furniture, or the innovative narratives of curated projects, COLLECTIBLE 2024 is an essential destination for anyone passionate about the future of design. Join us in celebrating the unparalleled talent and vision that continue to shape the world of contemporary design, right in the heart of Brussels.

Learn more about the forthcoming edition of Collectible, and view the full exhibitor list on ADORNO.

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