“CASA NUEVA”: A new home in Mexico City for contemporary art, design, and you

Launched this November in the heart of the historical center of Mexico City, CASA NUEVA is an inhabitable art and design gallery that just launched its inaugural exhibition titled “NEW SOLID”.

With ongoing programming of three-month-long exhibitions, CASA NUEVA invites guests and visitors to experience and live amidst a curated selection of contemporary works spanning collectible design and functional art. By Collaborating with local emerging talent from NYC and CDMX, Casa Nueva rethinks the home as both an object of function and as a statement of cultural beauty, prepared as a fully functioning home.

Founded by New York-based designers River Valadez and Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens, the impetus was simple: how can we illustrate ways to live with functional art? According to the founders, “Functional pieces deserve the freedom to be both seen and used as beautiful tools to live with, and not caged in a gallery setting.” In pursuing this mission, CASA NUEVA proposes to melt the distinctions between an exhibition space and a dwelling.

Bed frame by Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens (c) David Franco

With an ambitious line-up of designers and artists, CASA NUEVA aims to launch new curated exhibitions running 3-months at a time in the approximately 100m2 space distributed over two floors. The Apartment features a fully equipped kitchen and a living room on the lower floor. The beautiful concrete chairs take you to the upper floor where you find a bedroom, a bathroom, and a large rooftop terrace with a magnificent view of the rooftops of Colonia Centro.

Trophy Breakfast Table by Mock Studio (NY) (c) David Franco
La Célebration Mirror by Joyful Objects, Yes! (c) David Franco
Rooftop terrace © David Franco

Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens was born in Mexico City and grew up between Mexico and the Netherlands, and both he and co-founder River Valadez now lives and runs their own practices in Brooklyn, New York. With their local insights and considering their shared dedication to crafts, this collaboration couldn’t be more suitable for building cultural bridges between the two great capitals.

With their inaugural exhibition “NEW SOLID“, the aim is to share a vision to feel and live with art, illustrating their theory that art can be inhabited.

Visitors are invited to participate in the dialogue among transdisciplinary works from the contemporary art and design scene. Each piece is designed and conceived by artists from two magnificent cities, Mexico City and New York, in a correlation found in geometry, technology, and crafts. The works are not only curated to please the contemplative eye but also to be a joy to use. The complete body of work spanning furniture, tableware, lighting, and rugs invites the beholder to examine the floating and multidimensional character of concepts such as mass, volume, and weight.

The exhibition was launched in conjunction with Design Week Mexico in partnership with Ángulo Cero, a local Art Gallery breeding new Mexican design talent. Yunuen Sariego, promoter and curator of contemporary art based in Mexico City, has curated the walls with drawings and paintings from local artists.

Adorno acts as the international sales, logistics, and marketing platform, supporting these independent makers in their quest to detach from the traditional exhibition landscape to create new, inspiring, collaborative, and meaningful shows together. NEW SOLID will be on display from November 5, 2022, for three months until January 15, 2023.

→ Explore the full NEW SOLID collection on Adorno

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