An Intimate Glimpse into the Beirut Studio of Ahmad Bazazo

The realm of design is constantly in flux, with styles emerging, disappearing, and re-emerging. Yet, few design practices manage to capture the temporal nature of design as poignantly as Beirut-based Ahmad Bazazo. Operating from his design house, Studio Bazazo, the designer conjures up pieces that stand as timeless tributes to transient moments, materializing the ephemeral into tactile experiences.

Mistral Coffee Table by Studio Bazazo

Guided by moments and personas over styles, Ahmad Bazazo crafts designs that not only serve as functional objects but also as significant elements of life’s cherished occasions. “Emphasizing the significance of the surrounding moments and the people involved, we weave these elements into our design approach,” Bazazo explains. This approach culminates in the creation of pieces that don’t just exist in a space but deeply intertwine with personal narratives, contributing to their life moments.

‘Charles Bar’ (2017) by Ahmad Bazazo (Formerly ‘Studio A’) from the Black & Gold collection.

Ahmad Bazazo’s process is a testament to his commitment to quality, innovation, and user-centric experiences. This unique approach is brilliantly showcased in “Charles Bar,” one of Studio Bazazo’s early creations launched at the Beirut Design Fair 2017. As Bazazo elaborates, the piece balances functionality, comfort, and sophistication through the careful placement of each element and consideration of user experience. The mobile marble frame that hovers over the unit, concealing and revealing storage compartments, exudes an engaging personality, fostering an intimate zone for enjoyment.

The designer’s objects are often hailed as representations of ephemeral moments in time. “Each collection we design is a tribute to a specific moment in time, encapsulating its unique essence and spirit,” Bazazo notes. This process of transforming the fleeting into the enduring is best embodied in Studio Bazazo’s inaugural line from 2017, “Black & Gold.” An ode to the Art Deco era, the collection encapsulates geometric shapes, lavish marble, and elegant brass, standing firmly rooted in the present while revering the past.

Mistral Console V2. by Studio Bazazo

The significance of materials in Bazazo’s work cannot be overstated. Materiality forms the very foundation of his design toolkit, conveying diverse messages that align with his unique vision. His “Mistral” collection, inspired by the vibrant ambiance of the 70s in the south of France, embodies this perfectly. Working with Travertino Rosso, Bazazo and the skilled craftsmen he collaborates with, are crafting forms that gracefully float around cylindrical columns, capturing the spirit of floating elation.

The cultural and historical context of Beirut has deeply influenced Bazazo’s creative process and design aesthetic. Beirut’s diverse lifestyles, and its coexistence of different eras, religions, and cultures, have shaped the designer’s perspective, encouraging him to tie together seemingly disparate elements into designs that embrace the beauty of contrast. Anticipating the lifestyles and actions that will surround his pieces has become second nature for Bazazo, integrating his transformative designs into the vibrant tapestry of Beirut’s daily life.

Mistral Dining Table by Studio Bazazo
Mistral Console by Studio Bazazo
Mistral Coffee Table by Studio Bazazo

Bazazo’s work is also marked by his reverence for the past and anticipation for the future. “Coming from a country with such a deep and rich history, it somehow becomes instilled in you,” Bazazo explains. His designs serve as frameworks for life, inducing emotions and forging profound connections between object and individual.

The designs from Studio Bazazo are intended to serve as conversation starters, memory triggers, and cherished symbols of significant life moments. When experiencing these designs, people are invited to feel a sense of wonder and awe, a familiarity that spans generations, and a connection to something greater than themselves. “Our ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of those who experience our pieces,” Bazazo affirms, as clearly depicted in his latest creation – The bold, yet elegant Mistral Armchair.

Mistral Armchair by Studio Bazazo

In a world consumed with the latest trends, the timeless designs from Studio Bazazo stand as an ode to the past, a celebration of the present, and an anticipation of the future. A visit to this Beirut design hub is akin to stepping into a narrative that transcends time, where every piece tells a story and every design contributes to the ongoing conversation of life. Through Ahmad Bazazo’s eyes, design becomes more than a practice – it becomes a way of experiencing, understanding and appreciating the world around us.


Ahmad Bazazo is a Beirut-based architect and designer specialized in the creation of high-end objects and spaces meant to trigger the mind as well as the senses. His work is guided by moments and personas rather than styles, while managing to weave functionality, and comfort with a sense of sophistication. Ahmad Bazazo creates solid pieces that represent ephemeral moments in time. At the heart of his approach is an appreciation of the now and the material elements that heighten those experiences. In his realization of objects, Ahmad revels in the best life has to offer by experimenting with fine production techniques and noble materials.

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