Curatorial Statement

Mexico has a long and rich cultural heritage that has been reflected in its artistic production, including design. In recent decades, designers have found in tradition, local materials, and local labor, a repertoire of images and textures that evoke that heritage, but also reflect a diverse, stimulating, and innovative present.

This collection for Adorno, “The Material Language: Connecting through Forms, Colours, & Textures”, seeks to reflect that moment. Designers from different parts of the Mexican territory, who make use of heritage, handmade work, and a unique contemporary aesthetic, are placed on the international scene under their own rules and their particular visions.

Committing to a diversity of materials, techniques, and forms associated with the organic – as well as the re-reading of history, the horizontal collaboration between designers and artisans, and innovation from handcrafts – are part of the essence of this collection. It also examines the experimental spirit of a group of designers who are rediscovering not only the cultural wealth but the imaginary of a country that is constantly reinventing itself.

012 DQ Origen Golfo

Golfo Rug

Déjate Querer
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