Curatorial Statement

Metalworking, furniture making, textiles and embroidery, glassblowing, and ceramics have been part of Palestine’s cultural identity for centuries. Today, these same crafts are being reimagined by designers from multiple disciplines that have turned to object creation. Architects, researchers, fashion designers, and artists both in Palestine and in the Palestinian diaspora are intersecting physically and virtually due to a flourishing and coalescing Palestinian design scene. This collaborative and diverse creative energy allows for intersections between local knowledge and global know-hows and has placed Palestinian design alongside global productions. Design is a collective denominator where each designer is revisiting a local industry with a new perspective whether in Palestine or abroad. For the Palestinians in the diaspora, their work is grounded in the Palestinian design scene as much as those within Palestine. This collection is an opportunity to showcase the work of these designers that may or may not know each other personally, but have developed similar methodologies and interests in making objects throughout this exciting and active decade.

The Collection

Curated Designers