Curatorial Statement

With her in-depth knowledge of art and design and extensive curatorial and journalistic experience, Ana Domínguez Siemens brings together a talented group of designers whose practices speak to tradition, contemporaneity, and self-expression. Siemens explains: “Put together, they give a brief idea of the variety of what is going on [in the contemporary Spanish design scene] and the potential of some individual designers with a distinctive view that makes Spain a design destination.”

Illuminating a design scene infused with multidisciplinary craft traditions and characterised by energetic and open-minded makers, this new Spanish collection offers a view into a creative community seeking to share their individual artistic perspectives and reinvigorate Spanish design heritage for the present. Collective Memory/Self-Expression highlights makers who have developed unique and solution-oriented furniture; discovered innovative uses for recognisable materials; and paid homage to the artistic lineage that has come before them.

“I have gathered a few designers who produce works that reflect their creative interests, balancing self-expression, and functionality. Some of them are devoted to working with artisans and bringing tradition to the 21st century, others are more interested in what they can do on their own, and some of them have a small production of furniture that stand out for their quality and personality.”
- Ana Dominguez Siemens



Belén Moneo
10.000,0013.750,00 incl. VAT
01_Lost Boys

Lost Boys

Belén Moneo
1.250,00 incl. VAT

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