Curatorial Statement

During the past years, thinkers and writers have referred to our contemporary lifestyle as a burning one. With this, they have indicated the fast moving, carbon consuming, stressful, and exhausting reality that human beings have globally conducted and performed in all fields of life.

What could happen if we, instead, plunged into the subaquatic? Into the waves, tides, and the undercurrent. Let the natural movement guide us, float us intuitively to discover whatever comes our way instead of control, force, and compulsion. To surround ourselves with the silence of the sea. The underwater, which naturally blocks our senses – blurs our sight, obstructs our hearing, mutes our voice. It perhaps cools us down and forces us to change the way we perceive our reality. Helps us make a turn.

The Finnish collection consists of artworks that will guide and mediate us towards this turn, either with the help of the lingering movement embedded in their form or by reminding us visually about the subaquatic experience. When placed in domestic surroundings, the artworks are possible access points to control and even extinguish the heat and, thus, we may enter into the new invigorating reality. Hanna Heino’s ceramic sculptures are inspired by the minerals and corals of the ocean with their organic shapes and complex surface, obtained through firing the piece at 1000 celsius to achieve just the right tone of light blue. Anton Mikkonen‘s Udon Stools are digitally crafted with 2D CNC machinery and inspired by noodles, a playful language that complements the surface of the rippled seabed.

“It was like pieces of a puzzle that fell into place when drafting the underwater thematics. These works came immediately to my mind due to their visual and formal connection with the subaquatic theme.” – Suvi Salonemi, curator of the Finnish collection

Curated Designers