Holmby Hills Estate

Private Holmby Hills Estate
Beverly Hills 90077
Los Angeles
United States

Tucked away in the exclusive Holmby Hills neighborhood, the Holmby Hills estate is a stunning example of architectural excellence. Designed by the visionary Paul Revere Williams, a renowned architect of the 20th century. This estate is truly remarkable, covering an expansive 30,000 square feet across three separate buildings. It proudly displays the enduring charm of 1930s Georgian Colonial Revival architecture, beautifully combining classic sophistication with modern interiors.

Williams, a trailblazing architect, made history as the first Black member of the American Institute of Architects. His architectural legacy in Los Angeles is unforgettable, with emblematic homes designed for Hollywood icons such as Lucille Ball and Frank Sinatra. Williams overcame obstacles and discrimination, skillfully navigating the complexities of his era. Remarkably, he even learned to draft plans upside down so that those uncomfortable sitting next to him could view his work while sitting across from him. This poignant tale underscores the challenges Williams encountered and his unwavering dedication to his craft, defying countless barriers along the way.

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His architectural creations broke through racial and social barriers, showcasing his grace and ingenuity. The Holmby Hills estate is a testament to opulent living and a lasting symbol of Williams’s impact on Southern California’s architectural heritage. With its well-kept grounds, beautiful Japanese garden, tennis courts, and lavish amenities, this estate captures the essence of luxury. It also captures Williams’s relentless pursuit of architectural achievement and his steadfast determination to craft spaces that ignite inspiration, elevate spirits, and withstand the trials of time, a genuine reflection of his remarkable foresight and skill.

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