Uncharted – A Group Exhibition Debuts at Alcova Miami for Miami Art Week

Organised by
Participating Designers

December 4, 2023 - December 10, 2023

Opening Hours
11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Selina Miami Gold Dust Motel - 7700 Biscayne Blvd
Miami 33138
Florida United States

More info at alcova.xyz

Press Kit (Google Drive)

Exploring New Realms in Contemporary Design.
December 4th – 10th, 2023 (Miami, Florida)

Born out of a curiosity to seek outside the realm of our current knowledge, Uncharted embarks on a journey into unmapped spheres, featuring six artists from three corners of the country. Across wood, ceramics, metal, and textiles, the six studios were challenged to push their creative boundaries, presenting in Uncharted fresh techniques in their ongoing exploration within their own individual practices. 

Plumbing the depths of the unfamiliar within their personal creative practices and processes, the six design studios in Uncharted present an exhibition of functional art that offers new perspectives on the unrelenting human impetus to explore new worlds.

Uncharted invites viewers to embrace a sense of discovery in an artfully curated environment where certainty fades and the unknown beckons.

Designers & Artists

Caleb Ferris

Forma Rosa Studio

NJ Roseti

Studio Sam Klemick

Tristan Louis Marsh

Wallpaper Projects


“We’re all explorers, and the objects in this show represent the artifacts we are each bringing back after a process of discovery. It’s about inspiring a sense of wonder and curiosity, challenging viewers to think about the future, but also to take a closer look at what’s already right in front of them.”

Sam Klemick, Founder of Studio Sam Klemick

“Presenting anything speculative causes people to take a moment—it pulls you out of your everyday reality and the spaces you’re used to confronting. With this show, we want to offer a moment of pause and deep presence, and hope our objects can conjure that in whatever space they find themselves in.”

Tristan Louis Marsh, Visual artist and designer

“There can be a lot of fear and hesitance when entering into realms of the unknown, but also a sense of excitement. We wanted to explore these contrasting emotions, creating a moody space that is also welcoming, a place where you can slow down and find presence.The unknown or the future can be unsettling, but here we try to make it feel also welcoming and exciting of a present that we are already living and as designers embracing”

– Maria Tesera Castillo, Co-Founder of Forma Rosa Studio

“We’re in a moment where there is a lot of fear about the future and the unknown, but with this show, we wanted to offer a positive spin on the future of humanity.”

– NJ Roseti, Artist

“What interests us the most is producing an experience for the viewer – transforming spaces and creating something unexpected in this setting is our main goal.”

– Amanda Dandeneau and David Jiménez, Founders of Wallpaper Projects

“We are living in the future. Recently, we’ve seen so many advances in science and tech, yet our surroundings can often lack the same type of discovery. ‘Uncharted’ is an invitation for each artist to step into their own uncharted world of imagination and to summon the courage to bring new visions to live.”

 – Caleb Ferris, Furniture Artist

Curatorial Statement

Humanity has always been curiously seeking outside the realm of our current knowledge. We constantly race to explore uncharted realms, whether through advancements in technology or our ambitions to venture into new worlds and spaces.

In response to this collective longing for something new, six artists have joined forces to present their work in Uncharted. Each artist has embarked on a personal journey into unmapped realms and returned with unique mementos, presented together in an atmosphere of the otherworldly.   
Rather than a definitive statement on the outcomes of exploring unmapped realms, Uncharted presents an open-ended meditation on the multitudes possible in the process of discovery. As humans we will always strive to venture into new worlds and spaces; Uncharted posits that maintaining a sense of optimistic curiosity in the process can yield delightfully unexpected forms. Uncharted offers viewers a contemplative reflection on the concept of the unknown in a moody, ethereal atmosphere of discovery, where anything is possible.


Alcova Miami is located at the Selina Miami Gold Dust Motel, 7700 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL.

Uncharted is located in Room 36.

Press Preview

Monday, December 4th

Public Show

December 5-10

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