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November 25, 2021 - December 2, 2021

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Adorno is pleased to present “Gran Turismo,” a Greek collection curated by Thanos Karampatsos and Christina Kotsilelou of Greece is for Lovers. Visualized on the concourse of the abandoned Ellinikon International Airport, the collection explores the existence of a common essence among Greek designers working locally and abroad. Despite Greece’s bright and celebrated antiquity, where achievements in architecture, sculpture, and crafts are renowned worldwide, the contemporary design scene is quite small and only recently investigated.


With experience as designers themselves, curators Thanos Karampatsos and Christina Kotsilelou do just this, examining the genesis of a contemporary Greek design identity through the diverse work of eleven skilled designers. The selected pieces span a range of media – from tactile ceramic and bamboo, to recycled production wastes, to solid marble – and, though they may seem ill-matched at first sight, they share an important core element: they are all confident in their narrative of a personal story of identity which is either at peace or against the Greek archetype.



“The body of work we decided to include in this collection consists of pieces by designers who are either Greek of the mainland or the diaspora or international professionals who chose to live and work in Greece. As a common thread, we aim to tackle the elusive notion of ‘Greekness’ and how this transpires through the work of seemingly diverse and distinct individuals.” – Thanos Karampatsos & Christina Kotsilelou, Curators

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