Contemporary Design Market 2022

Organised by
Design September, Flanders DC and Wallonie Design

September 24 - September 25

Opening Hours
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Rue Picard 11
Brussels 1000

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As one of the highlights of the Brussels Design September program, the Contemporary Design Market invites you to the 4th edition, organized in the beautiful Gare Maritime site at Tour & Taxis.

Wiebe Vande Keer - Shrine - LUCA school of arts1

Contemporary Design Market wants to stay connected to the real world. While today’s multicultural society offers a rich palette of flavors, styles, colors, and smells, this diversity has yet to fully find its way into the design world. That is why CDM wants to broaden the reference frames we all grow up with and explore what happens when we leave the beaten track.

With the Binôme project, CDM encourages this experiment from within, setting up a dialogue between a Belgian designer and an artist from a different cultural background. Both participants examine who they are, what sets them apart, and what values they hold dear. In short: they explore ‘the stuff they’re made of’, both literally and figuratively. As a merger of talents, the result of every Binôme is unique.

For the general selection of the participants as well, CDM specifically reaches out to artists and designers from all walks of life and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Thus, CDM wants to contribute to a more inclusive design world – one where our cultural histories come together. CDM explores if and how we can create a new shared (visual) language.

First and foremost, CDM aims to be an inspirational platform and a meeting place. CDM wants to widen our gaze and inspire young people to enrol in creative programs – a choice that, even a mere generation ago, was far from self-evident. CDM wishes to showcase design that is a more representative cross-section of a society that is constantly changing. By looking for a common thread in a world of difference, CDM contributes to a new societal equilibrium.


Studio Khachatryan is a Brussels-based interior architecture and design studio founded in 2010 by Noro Khachatryan.

Its practice ranges from sculptural objects to architectural design, elements for public and residential spaces, blending traditional craftsmanship with analytical gestures and natural materials.

While many works are self-produced, others are manufactured in cooperation with international, high-end industrial or artisanal partners.

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Thibeau Scarceriaux studied industrial product design in Kortrijk and Amsterdam, and furniture design in Mechelen. Hij is currently active as object designer and photographer. As object designer he wants to break taboos by creating objects and functional art pieces that stimulate conversations. 

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Gilles Mayk Navangi is a painter, illustrator, and sculptor. He graduated from the Superior School of Art and Design of Amiens as a graphic designer. His eclectic vision pushes him to express his creativity in multiple ways by approaching different supports & mediums.

Pieter Bostoen (°1983) is a multi-talented creative with a background in interior design. Since his graduation from the Luca School of Arts in Ghent, he has been researching several fields in arts and design believing that good design makes a cross-over between different design disciplines. His Ghent-based studio provides companies, governments, and non-profit organizations with interior, graphic, and product design solutions.

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