UNTITLED CHAIR X – Sculpted Sand Chair

by Kajsa Melchior Sweden

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“Untitled Chair X” embodies the intriguing fusion of artistry and innovative craftsmanship. Sculpted from sand under the influence of air pressure and brought to life with Acrystal, a water-based acrylic resin that holds a special place in Melchior’s creative journey.

Kajsa Melchior, an independent designer and sculptor based in Stockholm, consistently brings a design-critical perspective to her work, venturing into the intriguing borderlands between furniture and sculpture, fact and fiction. Her creations serve as explorations into the fundamental concepts of development and erosion, forming the foundation of her investigations into spatial and material dimensions. In doing so, she fearlessly challenges established aesthetic norms, breathing life into her pieces through the harmonious interplay of sand, compressed air, and bodily imprints.

“Untitled Chair X” is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, standing tall with dimensions of approximately H. 1050mm / W. 600MM / D. 600mm / SH. 450mm. It is expertly casted in styrofoam and Acrystal, creating a captivating blend of form and substance that will undoubtedly captivate onlookers.

Approximate Dimensions: H. 1050mm / W. 600MM / D. 600mm / SH. 450mm Materials: Casted in styrofoam, acrystal.

Please note: all measurements are approximate.

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Kajsa Melchior is an independent designer and sculptor based in Stockholm. Her work has a design critical approach and investigates in the borderlands between furniture and sculpture, facts and fiction. ​The work are explorations of how concepts such as developing and erosion can form the basis of spatial and material investigations, and challenges aesthetic standards as they are created through sand, compressed air and bodily imprints.
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