Tavoli Che Camminano Side Table No. 3
by Ludovico Grantaliano Italy

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Tavoli che camminano (Walking tables) is a series of small tables, of different dimensions, entirely made of powder-coated steel. Each table has its own height and width and therefore each one can be used for a different function: as side tables, coffee tables, or in any other way wanted. They can also be combined together to create each time a new composition of shapes and colors. Since “Tavoli che camminano” are only made of just one material, that is recyclable practically ad infinitum, they are very sustainable.
This project is a research on the expressive possibilities of shape and its ability to generate a sensation of movement and action even in complete stillness. The tables are slightly inspired by zoomorphic shapes and are born from an ironic pun on the word furniture, “mobile” in Italian, which means “something that can move”. Therefore, if a piece of furniture can be moved, can tables walk? This playful and ironic aspect is highlighted by the choice of using a wide range of pastel colors to paint the ” Tavoli che camminano “

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Ludovico Grantaliano, a Rome-based designer and artist, embarked on a creative odyssey that began with a foundation in architecture and flourished into a remarkable artistic venture. Collaborating with esteemed architects and artists paved the way for the realization of his own studio—a sanctuary where artistic brilliance converges with design ingenuity. At the heart of Ludovico Grantaliano's artistic exploration lies a profound fascination with furniture design. With a discerning eye, he delves into the very essence of shapes, orchestrating a mesmerizing play between ethereal lightness and poised equilibrium. This artistic dance reflects his penchant for subtle nuances and occasional ironic twists, breathing life into his creations and imbuing them with a distinctive charm. Mechanical precision and meticulous handcrafted details form the bedrock of his process, resulting in designs that exude sophistication and captivate the imagination. An unwavering belief in the enduring allure of "traditional" materials animates Ludovico's practice. Recognizing their timeless appeal, he embraces these materials for their steadfast quality and sustainability. Rooted in his reverence for nature, Ludovico champions the reusability and recyclability of these materials, forging an intimate connection between artistry and environmental consciousness. Every masterpiece bearing Ludovico Grantaliano's signature is meticulously handcrafted in Italy, epitomizing the artisanal finesse that defines his work. From crafting small, limited series to undertaking bespoke commissions, each creation emerges as a unique narrative—a tapestry of personalized stories woven with creativity and dedication. In the realm of modern design, Ludovico Grantaliano shines as a luminary, casting an illuminating aura on the potential of forms and the intrinsic interplay between art and utility. With a profound commitment to sustainability and an unwavering dedication to timeless craftsmanship, his designs transcend mere functionality, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary art and design.
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