SONIAH Floor Lamp – Small

by FAINA Belgium

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“SONIAH” — the Ukrainian term for sunflower — stands as an emblem of Ukraine’s fertile landscape.

Expertly handcrafted by native artisans, each floor lamp from the SONIAH collection is a testament to FAINA’s commitment to sustainability. The lamps are constructed using ZTISTA, an eco-conscious blend of upcycled steel, flax rubber, wood chips, cellulose, clay, and a biopolymer coating.

Evoking the age-old reverence our ancestors held for the sun, the SONIAH collection draws inspiration from the radiant light of this celestial body. Embracing a “new primitivism” in design, the collection beautifully melds minimalist aesthetics with time-honored techniques. By stripping away the superfluous, each piece beckons one back to the essentials, exuding a raw, unblemished charm. The sunflower, a timeless symbol of Ukrainian terrain, emerges as a central motif in the design. Mirroring the sunflower’s inherent grace, the Soniah floor lamps rise gracefully, illuminating spaces with their inviting glow.

Available in six distinctive Ztista hues, with customization options based on RAL color codes.
Intended exclusively for indoor use.
Fitted with an EU standard plug; UK or US plugs are available upon request.
Compatible with a maximum 60W LED bulb.

About FAINA Visit Showroom →

Established in 2014, FAINA stands as a testament to Ukraine's transformative socio-cultural landscape, anchoring itself deeply in the nation's rich heritage while propelling forward with contemporary Ukrainian design. Embracing the ethos of "live design," FAINA heralds each collection with nature's own rhythm, releasing creations twice yearly, in alignment with the Winter and Summer solstices. These milestones mark days of natural rejuvenation, encapsulating the brand's commitment to renewal and growth. Each piece from the FAINA collection is meticulously handcrafted by skilled local artisans, ensuring authenticity at every step. 2018 saw FAINA venture into a groundbreaking project, the “Land inspires” design expedition, an initiative aimed at spotlighting the vast cultural tapestry of Ukraine. Dive deeper into the journey [here]. Expanding its global footprint, 2019 marked the inauguration of a FAINA residential showroom in Brussels, Belgium, under the aegis of Yakusha Design. Today, the studio carves its niche internationally, undertaking both private and commercial endeavors, all while championing a sustainable, "live design" ethos. At the heart of FAINA is Victoria Yakusha, a Ukrainian-born architect and designer, the visionary behind YAKUSHA studio, and the soul of the live design FAINA collection. A mother to four and a relentless advocate for Ukrainian culture and traditions, Victoria has sculpted a distinct narrative in the design world, forging a unique style she fondly dubs as 'live minimalism'.
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