Somatic Sculptural Mirror

by Platalea Studio Mexico

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“Landslides and Birds,” the latest collection designed by Lilia Corona and Rodrigo Lobato, is a vibrant homage to the blend of modern luxury and the charming naivety of industrial beauty. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the collection prompts contemplation on the themes of transience and resilience—embodied in the imagery of landslides and the flight of a bird. It serves as a reminder that beauty is present in moments of transformation, and that even landslides can lead to new beginnings.

“Landslides and Birds” aims to be a song to life, a celebration of beauty in all its forms, and an invitation to find poetry in the contrasts and contradictions of our world.

This piece is both sculpture and mirror… Sometimes it’s good to look at things with rose-tinted glasses.

Designed by Rodrigo Lobato in 2022.
Steel with chrome enamel application and 25-micron silver plating.

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Platalea Studio is an artistic and design duo hailing from Mexico, composed of the nomad-born talents, Lilia Corona and Rodrigo Lobato. Their creative journey is a profound exploration of the intersection between Mexico's rich cultural heritage and the ever-evolving contemporary world. This dynamic space serves as a canvas for delving into the cultural crossroads and transcendent experiences of modernity, while also providing glimpses into the future. Platalea Studio's artistic quest encompasses a diverse array of inspirations, including distinct histories, mystical landscapes, culinary traditions, family customs, and the intricate tapestry of gender and sexuality expressions. They discover enchantment in the syncretism that defines our contemporary global landscape. Their art is a translation of the harmonious coalescence of diverse lives and ways of existence, transforming them into sculptures and installations that seamlessly merge craftsmanship, the human form, belief systems, and technology. At the heart of their creative expression lies a commitment to imbue their creations with kindness. Their work features organic and whimsical lines, as well as a vibrant palette that evokes a sense of lightness and humor. Platalea Studio's creations inhabit enigmatic realms, existing somewhere between myth and history, urban and rural landscapes, and the tangible world of materials and the intangible essence of the human spirit. Above all, their approach to life is infused with joy, not only as an end in itself but also as a form of resistance and a source of boundless inspiration.
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