“Sílice” Vase Collection

by Peca Mexico

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Dimension LxWxH (cm): 14x14x20, 15x15x24, 15x15x26, 15x15x20, 15x17x19, 16x15x21, 16x17x18, 16x17x33, 17x15x35, 17x17x28, 17x17x30, 18x18x30, 18x20x22, 19x19x22, 19x19x33, 19x19x29, 20x20x33, 20x19x27, 20x20x37, 25x26x28, 30x31x21, 30x30x18, 34x40x39
Unique Pieces Material : Blown Glass
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Born from Caterina Moretti’s contemplations, these three cylindrical shapes of different heights are created from a mold comprised of a repetition of wooden rods. It is a truly symbolic warp, weaving the threads of art and design together, as well as the genesis of the collection we have called “Sílice”.

By studying the external texture of the wooden rods, a curiosity developed to further delve into what might become of the interior space if we used them as molds for the blown glass technique. What if we experimented with non-preconceived forms and if we created a parametric design in an analog fashion and experienced the performance under the premise of: mold + free blown glass.

Artists José Miguel Gómez and Diego Vides Borell were invited by Caterina to fuse their emotions, thoughts, and creativity into “Sílice” to broaden the concept, breathing in and out the design of these stunning containers.


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About the designer


For Peca, an independent design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico, it\'s all in the details. Since 2007, Head designer and studio director Caterina Moretti has infused the brand with her unique ability to work with natural materials, explore texture and form, and bring nature indoors in surprising ways. Collaborations with local artisans and invited designers have contributed to the spirit of Peca, resulting in a catalogue that is rich in both tradition and innovation. Peca welcomes requests from clients, and combines its work on design collections with custom projects that include furniture, accessories and interior design. Caterina has the ability to focus her vision on the tiniest details ofher furniture, accessories and interior design projects, while simultaneously looking to the horizon to direct her design studio. As a designer, her inspiration is innature, in raw materials that offer multiple possibilities of shapes and textures, and in their ability to be transformed into everyday objects.Her passion for texture and contrast has translated into arange of objects that infuse theorganic and subtle with an original point of view, always provoking acontemplative twist. Peca’s presence in awards, exhibits and retail spaces around the world is due to the careful selection of artisans and guest designers that Caterina chooses to work with, as well as her unique spirit that allows her to flow in unexpected directions.

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Presenting “PROXIMITY”, a collection created in collaboration with Southern Sweden Design Days showcasing a selection of new work from ten designers and studios. As a whole, the collection contemplates the notion of proximity, interconnection, and belonging. Whether through contemporary references to traditional crafts techniques; the use of locally sourced materials such as wool, lichen, steel, and wood; or playful visualisations of the notion itself, the selected pieces illustrate the importance of closeness, interconnection, and kinship in uncertain times. Featuring pieces by Andrea Santivanez, Andréason & Leibel, Ebba Lindgren, Förstberg Ling, Jóna Berglind Stefánsdóttir, Lab La Bla, Lisa Darland, Louise Hederström, Moa Lönn, and Studio M. Organised by Form/Design Center in Malmö, Sweden, Southern Sweden Design Days is an annual event currently in its second edition, which highlights sustainability, collaboration, development, and innovation in design. This year’s theme, as described by the event organisers, “[reflects] on the notion of being close – the connection between people, cities, countries, species, professions, etc”. The physical exhibition of “PROXIMITY” will take place at Lokstallarna, Södra Bulltoftavägen 51, 212 22 Malmö from 19 - 22 May 2022.