“Secret Garden” Handcrafted Rug

by Sergio Mannino United States (US)

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“Secret Gardens” is a collection of hand-drawn rugs designed by Sergio Mannino Studio. Intricately crafted, these rugs transcend the boundaries of conventional storytelling, inviting you into a realm of imagination and colour. Imbued with a sense of mystery and allure, each rug is an artistic interpretation of hidden worlds nestled behind vibrant brick walls, waiting to be discovered.

Derived from a palette of non-natural hues such as pink floors and acid-green wood planks, each piece is a visual poem, an abstract rendition of unseen secret gardens.

Handcrafted in Nepal, every rug in the collection boasts a finesse that is a testament to the exceptional skills of the local artisans. Using only natural wool and dyes, these rugs are 100% recyclable.

With the “Secret Gardens” under your feet, you are a step closer to the enchanting and elusive secret world Sergio Mannino envisions. Welcome to a sanctuary of forms, colours, and intimate stories hidden in plain sight.

The rugs are available in 4×6 feet sizes but can be customized to any size your project needs. Colours can also be customized to match the specific environment. Depending on the complexity of the custom project, a design fee might be added to the order. These rugs are made to order (unless in stock) and take 3 to 6 months to manufacture them.

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About Sergio Mannino Visit Showroom →

Founded in 2008, Sergio Mannino Studio is an award-winning design agency in Brooklyn, New York. With a solid Italian Design and aesthetics foundation, the studio has gained international recognition by completing several projects throughout Europe, China, and the United States. The work is often featured in prestigious magazines, books, and blogs. The studio is fueled by a deep passion for creating unique spaces that capture the spirit of our time and reflect the ideas of the society we dream of, combining Italian Design culture and aesthetics with a contemporary international twist. Under the leadership of Sergio Mannino, the studio is composed of a dedicated team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and branding consultants. While initially focused on retail design, the studio has diversified its portfolio in recent years, engaging in various residential, branding, and furniture design ventures. Sergio Mannino graduated from the University of Florence’s Architecture program and worked extensively with radical design masters Ettore Sottsass and Remo Buti. He taught interior architecture at the University of Florence for a few years before moving to New York in 2001. In September 2002, he mounted a one-man show of his furniture designs, including nine built pieces and 100 watercolors, at the Memphis-Postdesign Gallery in Milan, once again under Sottsass’ supervision.  
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