Ombrellina – Cylindrical Ceramic Table Lamp With Fabric Lamp Shade

by mattina moderna France

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Delicately handcrafted and painted in the picturesque town of Mafra, Portugal, “Ombrellina” stands as a testament to the masterful artistry of Mattina Moderna’s ceramists. Each piece, a harmonious blend of traditional skill and modern design, is brought to life with meticulous attention to detail.

Bright Yellow Variant:

Body: Crafted in earthenware, this variant boasts a vibrant yellow hue, adorned with a distinct clear checkerboard pattern. The top of the piece is finished in a refreshing ice water tone, adding a unique contrast.
Shade option 1: Complementing the bold body is a pastel pink cotton fabric shade, adding a soft and soothing touch to the overall design.
Shade option 2: A charcoal washed linen shades that brings textures and maturity to this playful design.

Clear Variant:

Body: This version features a nude-colored earthenware body, elegantly patterned with clear stripes. The Pompeian red top offers a striking visual element, making it a standout piece.
Shade option 1: A gentle baby blue cotton fabric shade perfectly balances the boldness of the body, lending a serene and inviting ambiance.
Shade option 2: A beautiful, thick fabric in celadon washed linen, whose colour combines perfectly with the soft shades of the ceramic, for an earthy design.

Oxblood Variant:

Body: This version features an oxblood-colored earthenware body, patterned with buttercream stripes. The mint top offers a striking visual element, making it a standout piece.
Shade: A deep seaweed green, whose washed linen weave reveals itself in the light. For a cosy, warm atmosphere.

About Mattina Moderna: Founded in 2020 in the South of France, Mattina Moderna is a slow design studio with a unique heritage. Created by a visionary mother-daughter duo, the studio specializes in crafting collectible objects in very limited series. Embracing sustainability and digitization, Mattina Moderna first shapes its designs in 3D models before meticulously handcrafting each piece to order.



Clear,  Bright Yellow, Bright Yellow + Charcoal, Clear + Celadon

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About mattina moderna Visit Showroom →

mattina moderna, a French slow design studio nestled in the picturesque South of France, was founded in 2020 by an inspired mother-daughter team. This studio stands out for its dedication to crafting collectible objects, each produced in extremely limited series to ensure exclusivity and individuality. At the heart of Mattina Moderna's ethos is a commitment to sustainability and innovation. The studio intertwines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, initially conceptualizing each piece through detailed 3D models. This approach not only allows for precision in design but also fosters a more sustainable creation process by minimizing waste. Further, Mattina Moderna takes pride in offering custom-made pieces, catering to the unique tastes and preferences of its discerning clientele. Each creation is not just an object of beauty but a reflection of the personal style and values of its owner. This bespoke service underscores the studio's dedication to personalization and quality. In every aspect, from its sustainable practices to its digital design approach, Mattina Moderna embodies the convergence of functional art and personalized luxury, making each of its creations a cherished and timeless addition to any collection.
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