“Nomads”, Murano Flask

by T SAKHI Tessa & Tara Sakhi Lebanon

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By purchasing this piece you directly support independent makers in Beirut in a time where it’s needed the most. We also allocate 10% to Nahnoo, an NGO dedicated to supporting Lebanese craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

“Nomads”, is a collection of alcohol drinking flasks, a timeless iconic accessory that transcends an ever-evolving pattern of life. Its design is inspired by traditional shapes and offers different ways of consumption, a larger size to use as a carafe and a miniature size designed as a portable object. A universal accessory any culture can relate to – alcohol, it is a substance that disrupts the social mask imposed by social etiquettes, and reveals human emotions in its rawest forms. The pieces are unique and mouth-blown by local Venetian craftsmen in the lagoon of Murano in Italy.



Dimensions LxWxH (cm)


Weight (kg)

1, 7



Production Year


, , , , , , , , , ,


Sandblasted, Glossy


About T SAKHI Tessa & Tara Sakhi Visit Showroom →

Based in Venice and Beirut, T SAKHI is a multidisciplinary architecture and design studio co-founded in 2016 by Lebanese-Polish sisters Tessa and Tara Sakhi. In an era characterized by relentless velocity, the sisters place social interaction at the core of their practice, and question our contemporary perceptions of identity and living whilst embracing cultural heritage. They design both permanent and ephemeral spaces and objects, evoking senses and memory through physical and emotional experiences. A driving force within their creative process lies in their commitment to sustainability by recuperating discarded materials and recycling them to achieve ingenious textures and forms. Despite their versatile talents and contrasting affinities, the sisters combine their duality to create harmonious and synergetic designs traversing a kaleidoscope of artistic disciplines. Their projects range from small-scale architecture, urban public installations, commercial and residential interior design, collectible objects, and scenography. They collaborate with creatives from diverse cultures fostering a dynamic dialogue of cross-cultural exchange that encourages both craftsmanship and innovation. Their work captivates an audience across the globe with exhibitions held in Beirut, Venice, Paris, New York, Milan, London and Dubai. Committed to philanthropy and social consciousness, they donate works to support numerous NGOs for student scholarships, reforestation initiatives, fund relief aids, reconstruction efforts in Beirut, and sexual health awareness. Their pursuit to share knowledge, inspire and educate, leads them to partake in lectures and workshops with educational and cultural institutions in Beirut, London, Dubai, Sharjah, Sydney, Baltimore, China and Miami. Their groundbreaking projects garnered nominations and awards in Venice, China, Milan, California and Berlin. T SAKHI is highly recognized and widely published in prominent magazines and esteemed online platforms.
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