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Mini dos Picos – Ceramic Pitcher

by Elizabeth Vásquez Arbulú Peru

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Hailing from the heart of Lima, Peru, the “Mini Dos Picos” offers a delightful dual purpose, meticulously designed and formed by the hands of Polen Ceramic Studio’s artisans. This charming miniature piece, whose name translates to “Two Peaks,” serves both as a quaint vase and a petite pitcher, bringing a touch of Peruvian artistry to the daily table. The silhouette of the “Mini Dos Picos,” with its twin spouts, draws inspiration from the storied peaks of the Andes, while the functional design reflects the rich tradition of Peruvian innovation in ceramics. It is an embodiment of cultural storytelling through functional art, perfect for those who appreciate a fusion of practicality and aesthetic flair.

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About Elizabeth Vásquez Arbulú Visit Showroom →

Elizabeth Vásquez Arbulú stands as the visionary force behind Polen Ceramic Studio—a bastion of artistic exploration and profound inquiry into the realm of ceramics. At the core of their creative mission lies an ardent commitment to revitalizing the essence of this ancient craft, centered around an in-depth investigation into pre-Columbian themes and the preservation of local techniques deeply ingrained in their country's heritage. The studio's quest for excellence extends beyond the confines of their artistic sanctuary, as they actively engage in a diverse range of activities that complement their research. Through an enriching educational program conducted within their space, they inspire and nurture a new generation of ceramic enthusiasts, passing on the wisdom of the ages to ensure its continuity. Collaborative exchanges with artisan communities in distant regions further enrich their knowledge, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and traditions. This amalgamation of knowledge, research, and cultural connections infuses their studio's production with a distinct aura of authenticity. Their masterful creations embody the perfect harmony between contemporary functional design and the ethereal essence of Peru's cultural and natural heritage. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of local production, the graceful forms of pre-Columbian art, and the enchanting wonders of nature, Elizabeth and her team weave these elements into a compelling narrative that defines their contemporary vision. Through their artistry, Polen Ceramic Studio transcends the boundaries of time, bridging the ancient past with the ever-evolving present. With a profound reverence for heritage and an unyielding passion for creative expression, Elizabeth Vásquez Arbulú and her studio stand as beacons of artistic brilliance, breathing new life into the tradition of ceramics and celebrating the vibrant legacy of Peru's cultural identity.
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