by Las Ánimas Spain

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These pieces are tectonic-looking structures that capture light and transform it as it passes.
Cozy, mind-blowing, nuanced lighting, unique and personal.
As it passes through the material, light scatters evenly throughout directions generating a feeling of unreality and fantasy.
Structures belonging to a space-time spectral plane, simultaneously suspended between the past, the present and the future, between this dimension and another parallel one.
Connection between art and emotion, a visual encounter between technology and nature.
Abstract deconstructions allow us to play to imagine the future.
Ethereal sculptures reminiscent of the 8-bit universe, open organic volumes that recreate a timeless and nostalgic digital visual universe.

The light will projects through the geometric body projecting a watery-looking texture. An architectural piece that reflects the light from its interior and projects it downwards.

Once the masterpiece is created, its surface is reproduced with epoxy resin in a totally handmade process.

After the resin is catalysed, the master is carefully shattered in order to detach the shell–lampshade, so through the destruction of the mother piece, a new one is born.

Made to order. PRICE FOR COUPLE.

For LEDs light only. LED bulb suitable for 220v. A power adapter is required for the American market. Please consult us.

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LAS ÁNIMAS is a creative studio based in Seville (Spain). Their work includes symbolic, tribal and esoteric elements, and arises from the expressive need of sharing an aesthetic universe; a dreamlike parallel world full of visions; of architectural references, both historical, fictional and coming from images underlying popular culture; hardwired to the unconscious and collective memory. Using a language of geometric and iterative patterns, they experiment with materials, shapes and textures, to develop an iconography of retro-futuristic, transgressive, ceremonial and deeply evocative aesthetics. As a result of this altered field of view where sumptuousness and magic gather, high sensory impact pieces of ceremonial character emerge. Their creative universe encompasses references as distant as Science Fiction, tribal cultures, distortion of reality, cybernetics, duality, experimental electronic music or architectural brutalism; an imaginary that links with the elements of their personal environment, readapted and projected from their very own insight. Their creative body includes pieces of furniture in limited editions, sculptures, interventions and unique objects; everything designed and created by themselves; a symbolic universe full of emotions that lead to a spiritual mood lost in time. Works conceived as totems that challenge functionality and form: latches that open secret trapdoors to higher states of consciousness, connected with mythology, ancient ceremonies, imaginary rites, sacred symbols and spirituality. Along this process, the conception, creation and evolution of each work resembles a ritual of exploration, of alchemy, of experimentation at their studio / laboratory with materials and forms until the pieces finally emerge. Their personal concerns join the influx of Seville, Andalusia and Spain; Its culture, art, folklore, technical processes and artistic tradition are present, mixed, assembled, fused in one way or another in each one of their pieces.
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