Hatch Sterling Silver Ring
by Zohra Rahman Pakistan


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Delicately crafted in sterling silver, the “Hatch” ring is a testament to Lahore’s rich jewelry-making legacy reimagined for the contemporary world. With the small design weighing approximately 8 grams, and the large weighing about 12 grams, each piece is meticulously hand-forged in Zohra Rahman’s Lahore workshop, reflecting her deep commitment to artisanal precision and passion.

After honing her craft at the revered Central St. Martin’s in London, Zohra returned to Lahore, bringing with her a fusion of global technique and local artistry. Founded in 2014, her eponymous brand stands at the forefront of sustainable and ethical jewelry creation. Beyond mere craftsmanship, Zohra immerses every artisan in a holistic training experience, imparting age-old silversmithing techniques and fostering a culture of innovation. From the melting and molding of metal into intricate wires and sheets, to detailed engraving, soldering, and the final touches of finishing and polishing – each jewelry piece embodies the culmination of countless hours of dedication and skill, all executed on-site.

Recognized by the likes of Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Wallpaper Magazine, Zohra Rahman isn’t just a jewelry designer but a torchbearer for luxury contemporary jewelry in Pakistan.


Please note: Each “Small Hatch” ring is custom-made to ensure a personal touch. Kindly allow a window of three to four weeks for delivery.

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US: 5 1/4 UK: K 1/4,  US: 6 1/4 UK: M 1/2, US: 7 1/2 UK: M 1/2, US: 8 1/4 UK: Q 1/2

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Hailing from Lahore, Zohra Rahman's journey in the realm of jewelry design began at the esteemed Central St. Martin's in London. Imbued with a rich understanding of the craft, she returned to her roots in 2014 to establish her namesake jewelry label, which has since become a beacon of sustainable and ethical craftsmanship. At the heart of Zohra Rahman's workshop lies a profound respect for tradition. By reviving the timeless art of apprenticeship, Zohra imparts the intricate craft of jewelry making to each artisan personally. This not only upholds the sanctity of the age-old craft but also nurtures a new generation of craftsmen, equipping them with the skills to push boundaries. From the delicate art of melting metal and molding it into intricate wires and sheets to the finesse of engraving, soldering, and the final polish, every piece echoes the hands-on dedication of its maker, realized on-site at the Lahore workshop. Zohra's innovative vision and commitment to luxury craftsmanship have positioned her as a vanguard in Pakistan's contemporary jewelry scene. Her exceptional creations haven't gone unnoticed, earning accolades from renowned global publications like Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Wallpaper Magazine.
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