Canapé des Calanques

by Taylor Scott Ross United States (US)

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Meet the Canapé des Calanques, a unique settee inspired by the natural beauty of the côte d’azur. This upholstered piece is more than just a sofa, it’s an object that captures the essence of the iconic Calanques that dot the coastline.

Crafted using different fabrics, the Canapé des Calanques is like having a three-dimensional postcard right in your own home. The plush green mohair from Pierre Frey mimics the windswept Aleppo pine trees, while the strata-riffic weave from Metaphores captures the rugged limestone rock formations.

But it’s the rich bouclé fabric from Nobilis that really brings this piece to life, evoking the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And with leather pipe detailing, a lacquered maple base, and carefully layered foam upholstery, this settee is not only stylish but comfortable too.

“…But even giants grow weary, and so it was that this mighty creature sought respite in the cool, azure waters of the sea. As the limestone giant immersed itself, the salted sea began to dissolve it, a slow, inexorable decay that rendered the sedimentary body ever smaller and jagged. Yet, from the giant’s decay arose a new landscape of twisted flora that nestled its way into the crumbling rock, forming a maze of material melange. An unexpected sacrifice that gave rise to a breathtaking new world.”

Upholstered in Pierre Frey teddy mohair, Metaphores flat-weave, and Nobilis bouclé with dyed leather piping
Lacquered maple base, legs, and branches

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I believe play, speculation, and intentionality are paramount to meaningful design. I earned a BFA in Furniture Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016 where I designed a collection of play furniture and objects for grown-ups to promote their inner child. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY while creating and collaborating with others who share my passion for imaginative and playful design. Growing up in the Woodlands, Texas, where all summer long was bring-your-kid-to-work day at my father's home building company, family and the built environment strongly influenced my childhood, education, and design work. Playgrounds and construction sites, surrealist paintings, and biomorphic + postmodern sculpture are among my biggest inspirations. I find myself drawn to the playfully absurd, using design as a lens to look at societal nuances, pop culture, mythology, and the end of the world. Nostalgia and fantasy are my tools as I create objects that tell a story from a twisted (maybe happier) reality.
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