Pearl Shell Velvet Bon Appetit 001
by Culto Ponsoda Spain

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Unique embroidered cushion with natural pearls and shells: 1 of 1.

Hedonism is the search for pleasure and well-being in any area of our lives, it is the cult of the body, money or carnal pleasure. For me, hedonism is fun, enjoyment, beauty, taking care of yourself, mystique and inner richness.

The oyster is the maximum representation of hedonism on Earth, it lives by and for it, without caring about anything in life, it is a born alchemist, if something bothers it inside, it covers it with mother-of-pearl and forms a small gem called a pearl, which It is of an impeccable iridescent white, so nothing can harm or disturb it and it will keep that beauty inside, so that no one can enjoy it apart from it.
For this collection I have been inspired by the pleasure of eating an oyster, in the different pleasant sensory textures it produces, its rough and rigid shell in contrast to its soft and sweet meat as if you were experiencing the most intense orgasm with the sea.
In my designs, I use seashells to give the texture of roughness and hardness representing the outside, in contrast to the smooth and sweet texture of velvet representing the inside of the shell. The freshwater pearls, made up of layers of mother-of-pearl, are what give the perfect softness so that the meat can be in contact with the hardness of the oyster in a pleasant way. All these elements make up the Bon Appetit collection, hedonism on planet Earth.

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Lifestyle brand designed and crafted in Valencia, Spain. My vital goal is to bring back the philosophy of arts and crafts to the present, to unique pieces, back to limited editions, back to nature, to pure materials that do not imitate others, to detail, to the beauty of forms, to manufacturing in small local companies and the rejection of mass production. The objects I create have beauty in their function. They are small functional works of art which I want you to transmit feelings of harmony, power, fluidity, that you see yourself reflected and help you follow your passions in life. Furniture created at the rhythm of nature, without haste, with strong foundations and authentic concepts. I love that romantic vision of things for life, in quality before quantity, in intelligent beauty before functionality. I want my objects to fall in love, I want it to be a true love relationship, for life, that's why they are designed with intelligent beauty and manufactured with the best qualities. My objects are shown naked, they are not afraid to express who they really are, when they look in the mirror they feel that rest that the mind feels when the eye, the intellect and the affections are satisfied with the absence of any need, they feel the balance within their soul and accept themselves because they know they are perfect just the way they are. They live in their own kingdom with their own intellect and their own ideal of beauty. How they appear is the way they perceive the world. In addition, I want my designs to bring you closer to nature, I want it to be a continuous meditation that teleports you to a jungle of golden lianas with sinuous and perfect curves, to a jungle where you listen to the singing of the most exotic birds, which are covered with the most beautiful colorful plumage you can imagine. That is Culto Ponsoda, the return to nature, to the planetary cycles, to the connection with the energies that flow in harmony with all of us if we let ourselves go and open ourselves to experience what life has for us.
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