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Maia Beyrouti

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Moïo Studio is the Berlin-based ceramic art studio of French-Palestinian artist Maia Beyrouti. It was founded in 2016 as the result of an impulse to work largely in clay and develop a body of work investigating the role of objects in her work and the creation of collections that bridge art, craft, and design.
Central to her work are themes of memory and absence, trying to conjure old and forgotten ideas back into the present. The very act of making is often rooted in this intention as a ritual calling these ideas back, and the objects invite anyone to cultivate an awareness around forgotten sources of personal as well as collective knowledge.
With an eclectic background in Conservation, Historical & Cultural studies as well as visual communication, Maia has nurtured a multi-disciplinary approach to her art, which includes painting, writing, spoken word/sounds and ceramics. Her ceramic work mixes wheel-work and hand building techniques.
Maia was born in Paris, grew up in the South of France and moved to London as a teen in the 1990s. There, she studied at Chelsea, Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts, and LCC. She is now based in Berlin, Germany since 2009.

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Moïo Studio

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