Curatorial Statement

For many, the idea of an Italian living space could be ripped straight from the pages of a (possibly dated) marble-clad, gold-plated, editorial spread, in all its of its theatric opulence, a true vision of classic luxury. While this grandiose, marble-clad aesthetic may have its particular charm, today’s Italian designers are building upon the esteem and elegance of their past with such a convergence of influences the likes of which deliver it into a rank all its own. Contemporary, thoughtful applications of classically Italian approaches to material, color, and form define this standout collection. While flowing together seamlessly as a cohesive collection, each individual work tells its own authentic story on the many influences reflecting this design scene’s diverse and metropolitan evolution.

Milanese Interiors: A reflection on the current condition of contemporary design in Italy. The approach of contemporary Italian designers goes beyond one single object, the scope takes into consideration, context, the past, all possible references; this new vision must, as well, be a new domesticity.

Mr. Lawrence,
Annalisa Rosso & Francesco Mainardi

The Collection

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Rio Grande
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Rio Grande
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