Curatorial Statement

The Healing Collection addresses the current themes of our times by looking at how designers and artists are influencing the process of healing the planet, society, and the individual. By bringing together Dutch-based designers and artists from various backgrounds and parts of the world we reflect on these questions and respond to some real-life questions that the year 2020 has brought to the forefront of civilization. The planet, society, and our own personal health. The collection is presented on a mirrored landscape of flowing water, the substance that fills our bodies keeps us alive and that the Netherlands has been built on. The designers selected for the exhibition include; BCXSY, Lindey Cafsia and Studio Carbon, Fransje Gimbrere, A. Vetra, Yoon Seok-Hyeon, and work from Rive Roshan’s own artistic practice. Curatorial choices have been made based on with attention to the times we are living in, a diverse view on design, and respect for the planet. BCXSY has worked with laboratorio morseletto to create the Bicolore bench that shows the natural edge between the colors of stone, giving an idea of the unusual moment when different rocks came together. The pieces that would usually be imperfect are revealed in their sculptural bench.

"The common thread is that all of the designers selected are working with different materials in new and unexpected ways. Either through taking traditional processes and techniques and re-thinking the way that they work with those techniques or by completely inventing new materials and techniques in unexpected ways either through technology or by hand."
- Rive Roshan, Curators

Morph Collection


Studio Lindey Cafsia + Studio Carbon
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A. Vetra
9.062,50 incl. VAT

Curated Designers