Curatorial Statement

The local design expert and Berlin curator, William Bagnoli are in his first collection featuring work from prominent and renowned designers including Atelier Haussmann, Elisa Strozyk, Zascho Petkow, Philip Weber, Pascal Howe, Evelyn Sitter, Maria Volokhova, and Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali of YBDD.

According to William Bagnoli, all the designers in his first Adorno collection resemble what Berlin is: spontaneous, independent and free from any dictated industrial standards.’

“They just do what they like to do and they are doing it well, mastering techniques and different materials”. Their inspiration comes sometimes directly from the streets of Berlin, where different urban cultures mix and exchange creative fluxes”. This is what made William Bagnoli move there and choose those names. He appreciates odd forms, uncommon materials, forward use of handcraft, translated traditions, intriguing stories, and critique through objects.