Curatorial Statement

Climate change (at this point it should really go without saying) is the greatest issue we currently face, and this isn’t an issue that is just left up to our scientific community and political leaders to solve. Dictating how we as humans interact with the natural and material world, designers are very much at the front line of this battle and play a vital role in changing our habits and lifestyle. Whether this is through narrating and shedding light on production methods, or creating objects produced with sustainability and environmentally conscious methods these designers are reshaping our understanding of and use of nature’s precious resources. Though design is a relatively young cultural discipline in Iceland, its designers bring a level of thoughtfulness and conceptualism to the art that makes this small nation standout internationally with a defining voice aimed at shaping the future of their chosen crafts.

Maria Kristin is the editor in chief of HA, Icelandic magazine on design and architecture and Hlin Helga is the curator of DesignTalks Reykjavik. Occasionally we join forces on projects such as this one for Adorno. We’re attracted to thoughtful concepts, socially engaged projects, and projects that reflect respect for people and the planet, whether that’s the imperative of sustainability or enhanced wellbeing in the man-made environment.

Curated by Hlín Helga Guðlaugsdóttir & María Kristín Jónsdóttir

The Collection


Coral Vase

Ragna Ragnarsdottir
1.000 850 incl. VAT

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