Curatorial Statement

Within this collection, Bredahl explores Danish design in a new light. The COVID-19 crisis brought forth the resurgence of Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave,” where the prisoners in the cave only see the world through the shadows their surroundings throw; It is devastatingly easy to mistake appearance for reality. This collection is inspired by this allegory – requesting the audience to see the causes of shadows in our society and culture to achieve a reflective understanding to achieve positive change.

Bredahl’s chosen designers exhibit visual modes of individual expression. As Bredahl prioritizes direct and unpretentious design, the curated collection investigates light and darkness, shadow, and object. The designers are all based in Denmark and are continuously shaped by Danish aesthetics. Stine Mikkelsen’s light object is a beautiful continuation of the material aesthetics she has been working with for years. Her design seems ancient and futuristic at the same time. Phuc Van Dang is a well-known street artist; for this collection, he has for the first time transformed his black-and-white motifs into three-dimensional sculpture chairs. Translated within their work is the remains, or shadows, of external influences originating from the designer’s global background. This collection is a collective cave of comments on worldviews.

“I think we are entering a whole new era where the personal and the man-made become far more valuable than something that a styled, concept-driven design company can deliver.”
– Pil Bredahl, curator of the Danish collection

Curated Designers