Curatorial Statement

Switzerland may be a relatively small country but its influence and distinct, recognizable style across cultural mediums in architecture, graphic arts, or product design are undeniable, a devotion to bold graphic quality, clean-lined forms, and functionality shine through. While the visual presentation of these works leaves a lasting impression on viewers, the way in which these designers are challenging our understanding of material and use of daily objects delivers a compelling contribution to the world of contemporary design. Whether it’s addressing current issues in production and material use in a circular economy, or how genetic altering will affect our devotion to physical perfection in the near future, these designers are ensuring a thoughtful and progressive livelihood for Swiss design for years to come.

This collection includes 6 Swiss designers and studios from the region of Lausanne presenting forward-thinking and ultra-contemporary functionality while showcasing a snapshot of the cultural diversity defining their design scene.

Davide Fornari

The Collection

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Virage Design Studio
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