Curatorial Statement

Artist Kiyoshi Yamamoto’s spacious studio overlooks Nøstebukten, a part of Pudde Fjord in central Bergen, on Norway’s west coast. In the digital collection “Inside Looking Out”, Yamamoto’s studio is transformed into a makerspace, featuring five Norway-based artists and makers: Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Karen Klim, Sisse Lee, Ramona Salo and Nathalie Fuica Sanchez. The exhibition also features an new ambient sound composition by composer and musician Jens Peter Jongepier. The exhibition takes a closer look at the five makers’ artistic practices in relation to restriction, isolation, and solitude – feelings and phenomena that are emblematic of a maker’s working life that quickly became commonplace during the pandemic.

When the pandemic hit, we were all forced to watch from our windows as the world slowed and quieted. With dwindling exhibition opportunities and quickly emptying calendars, many makers returned once again to the studio, only to find that the materials they rely on could not be produced or transported, or that their access to essential equipment had been removed. Stillness and solitude can be challenging, but for the makers in this exhibition, the slower pace unmasked some unexpected opportunities. By revisiting and reconfiguring older works, new works could emerge without the need for added resources. In the midst of a crisis, these makers directed their attention inward, finding new ways of creating and connecting.

“Anyone that creates for a living faces challenges relating to restrictions – lack of funding, access to materials and equipment, the time you need to create something, and so on. The pandemic only added to this long list of restrictions, but then something interesting happened with these makers – many of them altered their making process and shifted their focus in order to keep creating something.” – Tonje Kjellevold, curator of the Norwegian collection

Curated Designers