Curatorial Statement

I believe that Finland has a long tradition in specific genres of craft, one being wood, one being glass, and I think that this is something that stands out in this Finnish collection. In general why collectible design is very topical today is on one hand that we are very overwhelmed with information but also with consumer goods that are of quite poor quality, which has created a very broad cultural movement towards crafts. This can be seen in whether we look at micro-brewing or roasting coffee or towards crafted products. I think that how we appreciate the hand-made, traditions and the reinterpretations of the old traditions is something that many new makers are curious to study.

The works in the collection reflect our time, by combining a level of intellect into the making and finding that sweet spot is what signifies collectible design in general. This collection proposes a very high ambition of intellectual dialogue in combination with very unique methods of crafts that both lie on different specific traditions, but also very much in terms of experimenting with new interpretations of those ways of making thinks.

What sets Finnish intellect apart in many ways is an appreciation for irony, this is something that is very typical for Finnish mentality in general. In some contexts, this Finnish attitude might be confused with playfulness or something more humorous, but from an international perspective I definitely see this more as irony. This is very typical for Finnish humor; having a dry and ironic approach to life. Enchanted by nature; Crafted by Irony.

Sebastian Jansson

The Collection

Curated Designers