Curatorial Statement

Towering mountains shaped over millennia above deep fjords have left Norway with breathtaking natural landscapes known throughout the world. Vast expanses containing nature’s own language of form and shape inspire some of our most awe-worthy moments. Throughout man’s relation to objects and in composing a coherent domestic environment, we have always strived to emulate this creation in our own human language. In pushing the boundaries of material and reinterpreting, function and form today’s Norwegian designers construct a world of objects unbound by the rules of the past, delivering a fresh perspective to their fairly new design culture.

Adorno is proud to present the Norwegian Collection, curated by Kråkvik & D’Orazio, to be exhibited this year at Crossovers: 2019 during London Design Fair. Domestic Landscapes: Just as Mother Nature carves her way through Norway’s ancient geologic masses, these Norwegian designers carve their own world of expressive shape and form into objects populating our interior worlds. Through stone, glass, ceramic, wood, metal and weaving, Norway’s top designers showcase man’s compelling material language. The Designers and studios in this collection feature an interdisciplinary and diverse material knowledge.

Kråkvik & D’Orazio